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Thank you all, for your comments and for joining up on my blog — you helped me met my goal of 200 followers — I actually have one to spare! I want to thank all of you, whether you joined lately, early on, or somewhere in between. It has been a very interesting blogging journey. Those emails I get once in a while from those of you who enjoy my writing, whether it be blog or book, are so very gratifying. Thank you!

I look forward to pulling two names from the hat on Monday. I won’t be putting the first name back in, so that one person doesn’t win both books.

I am also very grateful for others’ writing. Yesterday when I read a post by Lisa Romeo, I decided it warranted a mention on my blog. To find out what inspired me, please click over to her blog: Lisa Romeo Writes. I think her discovery is very interesting… she started writing her “Did It” list at the end of a year when she didn’t feel she had gotten much accomplished. When she made the list, she discovered she really had done more than she realized. I love “taking stock” of my life once in a while. It really inspires gratitude for all that makes my life what it is.

This will most likely be my last post for 2011, so I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year. May your hopes and dreams be realized and may you find meaning on this journey we call life. We are all Pilgrims on this road…


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