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Energy Efficient Home for Sale in Sunderland, Massachusetts

David and I have been busily preparing our home for sale. Yesterday was the big day… our open house. In the last few weeks, we (mostly David) finished installing and painting the woodwork in the back entrance, scraped the side of the garage of lead paint and repainted it, put up part of the siding on the new part of the house, installed lattice work around the foundation of new part of the house, cleaned out the basement, and cleaned the garage. I also cleaned the windows throughout from the attic to the first floor, spruced up the house to a shine, and created a video that tells the story of the renovations of our home. Our realtor, Kate Hogan, played the video in a loop during open house, and we offered homemade rolls and cookies to those who came. Apparently about 20 people came, and the house was well received. I had flowers in most of the rooms, including the bathrooms. Our place has never looked as good as it did yesterday.

I will share the video here. If you know anyone who is looking for a home in Western Massachusetts, I will be grateful if you send them a link to this post.


I will update as our plans progress. We are planning to move to the Holmes and Wayne County, Ohio area. When we get an offer on this house, we’ll be making a mad scramble to find housing in Ohio. We don’t yet know if we will be buying or renting. This is an adventure that David and I are embarking on to live a less hectic life among people who already are living more simply.

I look forward to being back soon.


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