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I learned how to crochet rugs from cotton fabric strips when I was no more than a girl of ten. I had been ripping carpet rags for my Amish mother (Mem) when I decided one day that I didn't want her to have all the fun of crocheting. So I sat by her side and she taught me how to crochet single stitch to make an oval rug. When it was time to go "around the bend" I was to "increase" so the rug would lay flat instead of curling up into the shape of a bowl. This meant I had to put two stitches into one hole. If I forgot, Mem had me pull out the stitches and do it over until I got it right. 

Crocheting rugs was a way for us to recycle cotton fabrics, such as worn out dresses and shirts. I don't have a large family to generate that many clothes, so I buy used sheets from local thrift stores, launder them in hot water, and hang them out to flap in the breezes before cutting (or ripping, depending on the fabric) them into strips, and sewing the ends together to make "yarn." Finally I crochet the yarn into colorful rugs that are durable and decorative. These rugs are machine washable. I suggest drying them flat or hanging them over a railing.

I offer a photo of each rug, along with the dimensions and the price. I've also named each of them.

You can download an order form here. Ordering through the mail is the only way I offer these rugs, at least for now.

You'll find a description of each rug just above the photo and the name of the rug, the dimensions, and the price below each rug.

If you would like to special order a rug to your color and size specifications, I'm happy to make you one. Simply email me by clicking on my name: Saloma Furlong and let me know what your preference is for color scheme and size.

I had made a rug earlier on that was popular with yellow, blue, and brown combined. I wouldn't normally have combined these colors except I had print fabrics that had these colors. I discovered I like these colors together.


Pecan Grove 45" x 23"

Pecan Grove -- 45 in. long by 23 in. wide -- $70.00

I had fun combining these vibrant colors. This rug will brighten up any room. Doesn't it remind you of a pumpkin patch?

Pumpkin Patch 28" diameter

Pumpkin Patch -- 28 in. diameter --  $50.00

It is no secret that purple is my favorite color. I love the combination of gray with purple. I hope you do too.

Fields of Lavendar 45" x 20.5"

Fields of Lavender -- 45 in. long by 20.5 in. wide --  $70.00

One evening David and I were viewing a brilliant sunset. The sun was bright orange, with gray clouds spread across a vivid blue sky, which inspired this rug.

Shenandoah Sunset

Shenandoah Sunset -- 27 in. diameter -- $50.00 

I've made two other blue and white rugs, but both were bought by a neighbor. These are classic  colors from my Amish community.

Sea Breezes 48" x 23"

Sea Breezes -- 48 in. long by 23 in. wide -- $60.00

This rug was a more random design. I had planned on making a chair mat with the center colors, but decided to enlarge it into a rug.

Plum Tree 28" diameter

Plum Tree -- 28 in. diameter -- $40.00

Once in a while I'll take a combination of colors and put them together randomly. Mem used to call this a verigated color pattern. In this case, I combined bright colors. I cannot decide whether I like this rug. I suspect most people will have a strong opinion one way or another.


Kaleidoscope -- 47 in. long by 21.5 in. wide -- $60.00

The colors in this rug are more subdued than most of the rugs I make. It would go well in a baby's room.

Pastel 26" diameter

Pastel -- 26 in. diameter -- $35.00

This name came from two colors -- purple and dark red -- that are worn by the Amish in Lancaster, but were forbidden in my Amish community, 

Lancaster Amish 43.5" x 20.5"

Lancaster Amish -- 43.5 in. long by 20.5 in. wide -- $50.00

I used a combination of the verigated pattern along with my normal pattern of grouping colors by rows in this rug, with blue being the prevailing color.


Periwinkle -- 28 in. diameter -- $35.00

What can I say other than, "Another purple rug."

Spring Blossoms 44.5" x 21.5"

Spring Blossoms -- 44.5 in. long by 21.5 in. wide -- $50.00

I must admit, this is not one of my favorites, though I've had positive comments from visitors on this rug.

Earthy 26" diameter

Earthy -- 26 in. diameter -- $30.00

This is another unusual combination of colors for me. It was inspired by the print fabric. The photo seems to be a little off... it isn't quite so pink when you actually lay eyes on it.

Startling Blue 43" x 20.5"

Startling Blue -- 43 in. long by 20.5 in. wide -- $50.00

Last by not least is my experiment with a short oval rug in a verigated color pattern.

Shorty Blues 43" x 34"

Shorty Blues -- 43 in. by 34 in. wide -- $35.00

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