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Kick Starting My Second Book

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Three and a half years ago, I posted my introductionto this blog. Since then, I’ve shared with you my experiences and exchanged dialog with many people; I’ve informed and educated about my life in the Amish and aspects of the Amish in general. This blog is about to turn over to a half million hits, so obviously many of you are interested in my message.
Whenever I visit someone’s blog or website, I really appreciate when I’m not suddenly bombarded with annoying ads that flash, slide, talk, beep, ding, or otherwise try to catch my attention. I have chosen to keep my blog and website free of ads because I think my readers appreciate that, too.
I strive to stay authentic with my message and I also aim to offer a balanced view of the Amish culture. Some may argue that I did not strike that balance in my book, Why I Left the Amish. Perhaps they’re right, but it could also be that I refused to look away from the adversity I encountered as a child as I was writing this book. And maybe both are true.
Many people think that getting a book published is a path to fame and fortune and that the two come hand-in-hand. But this is not the case for most authors. It certainly isn’t for me. Even though I’ve talked to a combined audience of nearly 8,000 people at my 140 speaking engagements, and many more people than that know about my book, my royalty checks barely pay for my property taxes twice a year.  I’ve recently taken a day job because making a living from book talks and royalties just wasn’t possible any longer with so many budget cuts at public libraries.
Which brings me around to what you can tell is coming, can’t you? I am asking for your help. I have finished writing my second book, Bonnet Strings: A Memoir, and I’m seeking funding to publish it through Kickstarter. I offer rewards for your contributions, and besides that my eternal gratitude for your loyalty and generosity. 
Minnesota Sunset
I would really like to have my book launch at a time that coincides with the January 2014 release of a major PBS documentary that I will be featured in. This is a follow-up film of the PBS documentary “The Amish” that aired on American Experience in 2012 in which I told part of my story.
I know this is quite an undertaking. In this shifting publishing market, it is a challenge to get a book published — and even more so to get it published in a six-month time frame. But I’ve overcome obstacles before — I’ve left the Amish, I married a forbidden love, and I went from an eighth grade education to Smith College. I can do this, too.
This is why I need your help. Receiving the funding I’m asking for will ensure that the book will be professionally edited, designed, publicized, and distributed.
Asking for help does not come easily for me. I was taught that giving is more sacred than receiving. But I believe there is a time to give and a time to receive. I feel that I have given generously for some time, and now I appreciate all the help I can receive for this. Without funding for this project, I will not be able to get this book published by early next year, and I will not be able to hire professionals to make this book the best it can be.
David and me on the day of my sister’s wedding

To contribute to this project, you can go to my Kickstarter page, choose the level you want to pledge, and follow the instructions.

This is an all or nothing deal. If I don’t get the full amount I’m asking for, then I don’t get anything. So only if my project is funded will your credit card be charged. That would happen in early August.
Thank you so much for your loyal support!

To read the introduction for Bonnet Strings, go to my last post.


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