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Our Search for a New Home

Our long search for a home has finally come to an end. It led us to a modest ranch home in a little town called Broadway,  just fifteen minutes north of Harrisonburg. We had hoped to find something in closer to town, but when we looked at this house, we realized that it met so many of our needs that we decided to go for it. So we have contract on it. The inspection will be done this coming Friday. We are holding our celebrations for after the closing when the keys are in our hands because that’s when we know for sure this is our next home. So many things can happen…

Nonetheless, David and I are both excited. It’s a three-bedroom, two bath ranch with a garage on a third of an acre. It has a back deck and back yard with a beautiful view of the nearby hillsides. David will be setting up his woodworking shop in the garage, and he’ll be turning the back yard into sustainable gardening. He’ll be in woodworking and gardening heaven! We’ll have a guest bedroom with a private hall bathroom to continue hosting through Airbnb, and we’ll be using the third bedroom for an office. That’s where I’ll be doing my writing.

Our closing is set for May 22. If all goes well, we’ll be moving in after painting the rooms. We plan to be all moved in by May 31.

We’ll be in a fairly new neighborhood. Our home will be towards the bottom of the street near the cul-de-sac. Walking to the top of the hill, looking back down into the neighborhood, this is what we see:


And if we look in the other direction, out towards the west, we see the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia. I can imagine taking walks to the top of the hill to see the sun setting over the mountains. Oh my, no wonder that road is called Sunset Drive!



And last but not least, below is a photo of the house we hope will be our next home.


I’m sure David and I are not the only ones who are happy about this being the end of our search. Our loyal and abiding real estate agent, Chris Rooker at the Harrisonburg Homes Team, must be ecstatic. We lost count of how many houses he’s shown us, but there were dozens. And then there were those we made bids on and lost, even though we offered more than the asking price within 24 hours of the house going on the market. We lost out twice to higher bids. Chris conducts himself with such honesty and integrity that we trust him implicitly. After I discovered he is a foodie, I began thanking him for all his trouble with baked goods. It will take a good while to thank him properly.

David and I will be packing in the coming weeks. We haven’t completely unpacked all our belongings, so it won’t be as big a deal as it was to move out of Massachusetts.

We do love our new community. Our circle of friends keeps widening. I’m part of a reading group, and I frequently get together with friends for afternoon tea. David enjoys going to the men’s breakfasts at the church, and he has quickly gotten himself involved in local politics.

This was our first Easter season at the church. We attended the service on Good Friday. With each reading, a candle was snuffed and a light was turned off. The service ended in darkness and we all left in silence. I found this profoundly moving. The following night, we attended a service that began in darkness and with each reading, a candle was lit. Slowly, over the two-hour service, the sanctuary was lit up, a table was set, and there were flowers all over the podium. At midnight a gong sounded 12 times, and the service ended.

The service on Easter Sunday was so joyful. The music in this congregation is always beautiful, but on Easter Sunday it was absolutely exquisite. I thought the people were going to raise the roof with their singing. I just had to close my eyes and listen when the congregation sang the “Hallelujah” chorus for the benediction.

So life is good for us here in the Shenandoah Valley. We’re living the life we’ve imagined for ourselves. We are ever so grateful.


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