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A Parent's Worst Nightmare

Last night I read a bizarre story that happened in upstate New York, near the Pennsylvania border. An Amish three-year-old leaned against an emergency window in the back of a minibus. The window opened and spilled the boy onto Interstate 81. He was found running along the side of the highway. He sustained bumps and bruises, but was okay.

This incident sounds like something out of a parent’s worst nightmare, doesn’t it? For sure it sounds too weird to be true.

Apparently police are investigating the incident. I can understand how it raises questions. There were two buses traveling together with Amish families. The child fell out of the first bus. Why didn’t the people in the second bus see what happened and stop? Why didn’t one of the parents get out of the bus and return to the scene of the accident on foot? Instead both buses continued south and took the next exit. They then turned around and went north before turning back south and finding the child. The fright that poor child most likely experienced must have been terrible. The amazing thing is that at three years old he was smart enough to stay on the shoulder of the highway.

Honestly though, of all the stories that have ever come up in my Google alert, this is the strangest one I’ve ever read.


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