No Sorrow without Joy

When I was growing up, we learned a poem in school entitled, "What God hath not Promised." One of the lines is "God hath not promised joy without sorrow." This is so true. Life is often about struggles. But as I have discovered this week, the reverse is also true. We do not have to endure our sorrows without joy …

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Fracking in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania

A friend recently sent me a link to an article in On Earth Magazine called “Fracking the Amish” that reports the conflict in the Amish settlement in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, near the Ohio border. I have been to this community on two occasions. My maternal grandmother grew up there. I wrote a story called “Sarah’s Courtship” that is based on …

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Amish Men Jailed

Erik Wesner has sparked an interesting discussion on his blog about ten Amish men who were jailed in Kentucky for refusing to display a Slow-Moving-Vehicle triangle on their buggies. Rather than recount all about that here, I suggest you click over to Amish America and learn more about it. You can also read the Associated Press news article about the case. …

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