Amish Customs

Like many traditional cultures in the world, the Amish practices and customs have their roots deep in their ancestry, so that even the leaders of the communities don’t remember how and why they came about. What they do know is that these traditions have defined their culture both inside and outside of their communities, and that these centuries-old traditions have provided cohesion. Below Saloma offers a summary of several of these traditions.

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Horse and Buggy Travel

Amish Naming Practices

Covering or “Kopp”


Shunning: Amish Style

Saloma’s “home place” years after she left. Note the car to the right of her parents’ little “Dodde” (Grandfather)  house, a reminder that she came in from the outside.

Church Singing

Circle Letters: The original “Reply to All”

Top photo by Bruce Stambaugh, mailboxes by dference on Pixababy, Swiss photo and Kopp and bonnet photos by Saloma Miller Furlong, photo of the farmette where I grew up by David Furlong.

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