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Intergenerational Memories

Published: June 30, 2010
We are linked by blood, and blood is memory without language. ~Joyce Carol Oates Recently when I was going through family records, I[...]
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Remembering a Sister

Published: June 25, 2010
The clock just struck midnight. A year ago today, I was at my older sister Elizabeth’s bedside. She had just died a peaceful[...]
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Diversity among Amish

Published: June 22, 2010
Susan J. Reinhardt wrote: “I find it surprising at the disparity between the Amish in various geographic areas. I’d always assumed the Lancaster[...]
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My Memoir

Published: June 17, 2010
By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired. ~[...]
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A Different Perspective

Published: June 12, 2010
Have you ever thought you were doing something for one reason, only to find that a far more significant reason emerged than you[...]
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Trip to Amish Country

Published: June 10, 2010
David and I visited four different Amish communities last week. Here are several pictures of some of the landscapes we saw — beautiful![...]
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