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When We Were Young....

My friend, Barbara Lalancette, sent me a scan of the photo that she took of me at Christmas 1977, literally days before David and I met. It was taken with Sal Lalancette, mother of the family who "adopted" me for the holidays within weeks after exiting the Amish. They made me feel right at home. That they adopted me was a crucial for my well-being at the time. I will be forever grateful for that simple act of kindness.

I am 20 years old in this photo.
Isn't the toymaker so very handsome?
I meant to provide an image with my part of the story the other day. I have now scanned an image of David back at the time when we met. He used to peddle his toys on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont. I saw him behind his train several times before I knew him. So below is a picture of him the summer before we met. David was 22 years old in the photo.

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