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The most popular genre in inspirational fiction right now is Amish fiction. In these romantic novels, the Amish community is often idealized as a more communal, slower-paced alternative to the hectic rush of twenty-first century America.

I have no doubt that the Amish community has its virtues. But if we are going to read about its positive attributes, I think it’s only intellectually honest and ethical to be willing to understand its drawbacks as well. ~ Rosslyn Elliott

Today a fellow blogger, Rosslyn Elliott, reviewed Why I Left the Amish. I found it insightful and moving. I hope you’ll visit her blog and if you are inspired to, leave a comment.

Rosslyn is also a writer. She has a new book (historical novel) coming out in April. Be sure to read about it on her blog and website.

Thank you Rosslyn, for this review. And the best of luck to you with your book.


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