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Ode to Joy

This morning I awoke, feeling my heart fill with gratitude for all that my life is. The snow banks are melting, which I hope means Spring will soon show her gorgeous and welcome face. Maybe soon, I can open windows and let her in… what a refreshing idea that is! For now I’m airing out my pillows and drying my pillowcases out on the front porch. I might be able to at least smell Spring as I fall asleep tonight.

If I were a singer, I would burst into song. But alas, mine is a speaking voice, and not a singing one. I scare even myself when I try to sing. I once had a priest tell me that he heard someone say about a "bad" singing voice that if God made it that bad, then perhaps he deserves to hear it. I replied, "Maybe so, but my fellow humans don't."

I'm also grateful that I've had so many appreciative comments from you, dear readers, that I cannot help but feel confirmed for sharing my story, which I feel called to doing. I want to tell you how much it means to me that you are so generously showering me with these confirmations.

I've also had several media events that are giving me renewed energy. Erik Wesner, who writes the blog Amish America, has posted a Q&A with me about Bonnet Strings. He is offering two books for a giveaway. If you'd like to enter, please head on over and leave a comment.

I had the great pleasure of interviewing with a reporter, Judi Brinegar, from Asheboro, North Carolina, where I will be speaking next week. You can read that story here.

And yesterday a radio interview aired on Vermont Edition, one of the programs on Vermont Public Radio. Ever since I had my first book published, I have envisioned being interviewed on this program. And then I was! I attribute the success of this interview to Patti Daniel’s careful reading of Bonnet Strings, and her thoughtful and insightful questions about it. She had my story flowing out of me without effort. You can hear that interview and read an excerpt of Bonnet Strings by following the links. If you like the interview, I hope you’ll leave a comment to let her know.

So on this day when the sun shines and the snow melts, I give thanks for the great privilege of being alive and for all the blessings in my life, including living in a beautiful home with the love of my life. There is no way of knowing how much more time we have on this earth together, so I thank God for this year, this month, this week, this day, this hour, and this moment. 

And I am grateful for all of you. There would be no point in writing if there were no readers.

Do you have songs you play when you are feeling joyful, or that celebrate Spring? Will you share them? 


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