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Trains and More Trains

Published: March 26, 2018
Photo by Saloma Furlong Every time I saw a freight train during our trip to the Southwest, I thought of Datt. He loved[...]
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Mountains and Freedom

Published: March 20, 2018
I lift mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. KJV Psalm 121:1 I have always loved mountains. I often wonder[...]
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Catching Up Sunday

Published: February 19, 2018
It has been ever so long since I’ve written a blog post that I hardly know where to start. I thought it’d been[...]
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A Cultural Heritage

Published: December 4, 2017
Several blog posts ago, I mentioned our sons, Paul and Tim, which prompted these questions from Pamela: Question, you don’t mention your sons[...]
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Among My People

Published: November 17, 2017
Well, we’ve moved. Eleven nights ago, David and I were putting our bed together for our first night in our condo in Harrisonburg,[...]
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