Trip to Amish Country

David and I visited four different Amish communities last week. Here are several pictures of some of the landscapes we saw — beautiful!

Belleville, Pennsylvania

We started out our trip on Sunday, May 30 and drove to the “Big Valley” in Pennsylvania. This is the second oldest Amish community, after Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I had often heard of the Big Valley, but had never before been there. We stayed at a wonderful B&B in Pine Grove Mills, The Chatelaine. Mae McQuade is a wonderful hostess, so we enjoyed our overnight stay there.

The following day we drove to Holmes County, Ohio, where we stayed with friends. We took pictures of the area. Did anyone know there were such beautiful places as Walnut Creek in all of Ohio? Of the Amish communities I have visited, Holmes County is my favorite. Around every bend there seems to be a whole new gorgeous vista.

Walnut Creek, Ohio

We also visited Goshen and Shipshewana, Indiana and my original community, Geauga County, Ohio. I bought two quilts from an Amish woman in Shipshewana, who happens to be neighbors with my best friend from childhood. My friend wasn’t home, otherwise we would have paid her a visit. What a small world! For pictures of the quilts, please visit my website:

Last, but not least, David and I enjoyed visiting my two sisters and their families. I was able to “borrow” my sisters’ daughters for a few days. They have seven daughters between the two of them, so I consider all of them to be my surrogate daughters.

My sister Susan (middle) and her daughters from left to right: Katy, Sarah, Leanna, and Grace. Aren’t they gorgeous?



Me with two other nieces, Lexi (left) and Susie. They are so cute!

From left to right: Sarah, myself, and Susan

Until last year, there were five sisters, including myself — Elizabeth, myself, Sarah, Susan, and Katherine. (We also have two brothers, Joe, who is the oldest, and Simon, who is just older than Katherine.) I have probably mentioned before that all five of us sisters left the Amish, while both brothers are still in the Amish community in which we grew up. Sadly, our older sister, Elizabeth, died of cancer nearly a year ago at the age of 53. Katherine lives in Liberty, Kentucky, in a group home and was unable to travel to Ohio at the same time I was there.

Overall, David and I enjoyed our trip. It was too much driving, though (2,343 miles). I will write more in subsequent posts.

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