Blogs and Websites about Amish

I am discovering there are quite a few blogs and websites about Amish. I will list the ones I know about. 

The Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies has an Amish Studies website with a newly updated statistics page. The surprise in it is that Lancaster, Pennsylvania has surpassed Holmes County, Ohio in Amish population.

Author of Success Made Simple, Erik Wesner, is the host of Amish America.

The host of A Joyful Chaos writes many good stories of growing up Amish. Her posts about Baptism and Ordungs Church are a phenomenal in their accurate and detailed portrayal of what it is like for a young person to "join the church" among the Amish.

Katie Troyer hosts My Pinecraft World, with many pictures of Amish who vacation in her area of Florida. I could not figure out the Amish in Florida being so liberal until I read her post Double Standards.

Ira Wagler hosts Ira's Writings. He wrote a post about rumspringa that is very accurate.

A different Saloma hosts Ramblings of the Former Amish. Really, what are the chances of two Saloma's, former Amish each hosting a blog… but there you have it.

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7 thoughts on “Blogs and Websites about Amish”

  1. The first one is the only one I am not familiar with. I will have to check that one out. I also like An Amish Table although she has not updated recently.

  2. The Amish Studies website has a lot of information not found anywhere else. The Young Center is where most of the current research on Amish is coming from. I did an internship with Dr. Donald Kraybill, who has written numerous books, including “Amish Grace.” He is considered the most renowned researcher of Amish culture in the country.

    The reason I didn’t include “The Amish Table” is for the reason you mentioned… it isn’t updated very often.

  3. Hi Saloma! I noticed your comment on “A Joyful Chaos” and popped over to see your blog/website. I’m so glad to have found you! Will mark it as a favorite and pop back often. Warmly, Suzanne Woods Fisher

  4. Hi! Love your blog! I never knew there were blogs about the Amish! I’m originally from Jacksonville, Fl. never saw an Amish, barely knew what one was! Since my family and I have moved to Missouri, we see them all the time! Pretty cool!

  5. Julianna Brewer

    Hi my name is Julianna Brewer and I am very interested in the amish culture. I love to read articles, blogs, and books by Beverly Lewis about the plain culture. If anyone knew of a girl around the age of fourteen who would enjoy a pen pal to write to it would be awesome if you could email me at Thank you so much!

  6. I live in an area of nothern Indiana that is over populated with horse and buggy amish. The religious aspect is what people see or think they see One Amish man told me their lifestyle is not their religion. I haven’t figured out yet what their religion is because in some of my dealings (and especially my neighbor) he isn’t even christian or any other religion.
    They got the “cover your head” thing from (st) Paul’s writings. He was a radical jew -not even obeying the commandment “do not kill” and was raised by what Jesus condemned them for -all show and no heart. He also was then a radical christian-the hat thing- and mennonites do that too. They take them off when they swim and swim in modern swim suits too – not bikinis I think.
    They don’t buy electricity but do natual gas from the same company to make their own electricity. I guess it’s not the electricity that’s sinful, it’s how you make it. Phones are the same. Now they can have phones, but not in the house. Cell phones tho’!! One former Amish told me they are hypocritical. The pastor decides if it serves him to use something that is convenient. Money is a big item also. They boycott non amish businesses – unless it’s not convenient to do so. They leave the horse poop on the road so cars get it in their tire treads and take it home to their garage – that’s christian??? They have clout with all governments, big and small. Cars pay a wheel tax in our area. The horse has two powerful iron clad hoffs that are really damaging to the road in the winter and their buggy ‘s have 4 wheels, just like a car -they pay no tax. They also can have businesses throughout the back roads without being zoned -because they can’t drive -can’t? They use everyone else’s cars and use busses. I’m moving out of this area and will be happy to do so.
    They don’t have to go to war!! They have also been relieved of the Obama Care Health act. They have their own insurance. However, if they have a health concern, they use catholic hospitals. And I have never heard of an Amish care center for anyone, no matter what their religion.
    My faith was started with Moses and went on through Christ. Where and who started theirs??

    1. I too am from Indiana, Did you notice buggies have license plates. just like your car they are not free. Oh by the way a horse has 4 hoofs

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