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Many people probably think that Amish society is mostly hard work, sunshine, and a peaceful existence. Not always true. They have their problems, perhaps even more so since they’ve chosen a different and separate lifestyle. ~ Karen Lange

Karen Lange, writer of the blog Write Now, has written a review of Why I Left the Amish. She is also offering a giveaway of a copy of the book.

Monica, the Mennobrarian, also is offering a giveaway of Why I Left the Amish on her blog as well. So be sure to visit these two blogs and leave comments/create links to enter the giveaways.

Two new articles came out: one yesterday, and one today. Debbie Salomon, who has been writing for the Burlington Free Press for 23 years, wrote her last column Table Talk for them yesterday. I am both flattered and deeply saddened to be the subject of this last article.

Today there is an article in the Greenfield Recorder, featuring my book also. One needs to pay for an online subscription to be able to read the whole article.

For a complete list of the articles and reviews I know of, please visit my website. You can also access my order form to order an autographed copy with free shipping by clicking on the book icon to the right of this page. (This offer is good for all orders I receive in the month of January).

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2 thoughts on “Giveaways, Articles, and Reviews”

  1. Wow, Saloma, imagine my surprise upon visiting your blog to see my words pop out! I don’t know that I’ve ever been quoted like this before. :) I’m flattered, and appreciate your mention of the blog.

    It’s so good to host you! And I am thankful we met. Be talking to you soon…

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