Happy New Year!

It seems that David and I don’t really have one New Year’s Eve tradition… if anything our tradition is to do something different each year. Last night was no exception. We went to several performances at First Night in Northampton and had dinner at the Green Street Cafe for a very tasty dinner. We were accompanied by a young woman from Germany, Gina, who is staying with us for a week. 

The highlight of our evening was being part of the audience for a performance by a Bluegrass band, Lost Mountain. Even though the venue was something to be desired (It was too small and the lighting and acoustics were horrible), the three guys in the band made up for it with their lively spirit and great playing and singing, even without microphones. Bluegrass was new to Gina, who has a beautiful singing voice herself. She said it was a great introduction to Bluegrass. David and I will definitely be going to more of their performances here in the Pioneer Valley. It’s fun to be in the environment that these three musicians create for their audience. And they take requests… they played the song I requested, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” This favorite comes directly out of my Amish background. 

On the way home, the clock turned midnight, so we wished one other a Happy New Near. When we came home we toasted one another with sparkling juice and sat by our Christmas Tree for a while before retiring for the night.

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? Do you have any New Year’s traditions? I would love to hear about them.

Many Blessings to all for the year 2011!

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6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Saloma, since my husband had to work both New Year’s eve and day (the probable trade off for not having to work on Christmas)I spent a quiet evening at home and was grateful for the rest. Usually on New years day, we go somewhere for a pork, potato, and sauerkraut dinner. This is a very big Pennsylvania tradition and it supposedly brings you good luck for the coming year. So I’m curious to hear if they had this tradition where you are from in Ohio?
    I’m not much of a pork eater and never developed a taste for sauerkraut, much to my family’s horror!

  2. Monica, so glad you had a restful New Year’s Eve. No, I never heard of that tradition, so we sure didn’t have it. I don’t think I would like it, either… I hate sauerkraut, and like you I’m not a big fan of pork, either. I think I would find a new tradition, myself.


  3. Happy New Year, Saloma and Monica! Bill and I used to go to our church’s New Year’s Eve party where we would play board games and talk and eat and laugh, but not all at once!

    We changed churches a few years ago and since then have had to come up with other plans. This year we went to our favorite little country store. The owner invited his regular customers to come share in food and fellowship. We brought some munchies and some games but ended up playing a card game with another couple, teaching them first and then challenging them…the men won… rats!

    We had some delicious reuglar style pizza, cinnamon pizza some kind of homemade rolls with bacon wrapped in and around them. (OH MY!!) Avocado dip and chips, cheese and crackers, soup, stew, mac & cheese, wings with almost hot sauce, bread pudding, toll house pan cookies (mine) and a few other things I can’t remember. There was punch but I’m partial to chocolate milk and it comes right from the local dairy so it is VERY good (and not the low fat kind, either)!

    We made it home in time to watch the crystal ball in NYC come down and then we turned off the TV, updated our statuses on facebook and waddled off to bed! Today I cooked a Roast Beef dinner for family members. No one will be hungry for a l-o-n-g time.

  4. I guess I’m an old lady before my time. I went to bed late – 11:00 PM. I just can’t seem to stay up much past 10 these days!

    I’m new to your blog, via “A Joyful Chaos” and I’m enjoying it! Thanks for blogging and sharing your life with us.

    – Sally

  5. Hi Saloma ~ I think I fit right in with the rest…a quiet night at home. It’s pretty much the same every year. We make snacks (even if it’s just my husband and myself), watch a movie, or play a game and since I got a new laptop for Christmas, I played games on Facebook. Those are all actually my favorite things (especially the snacks – LOL) so it was a good night.

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