Katie is Back!

I had originally posted this a few days ago, then Katie’s blog was “lost” again. Several of you wanted to know when/if she got it back, so here is my edited post from a few days ago:

Let’s have a good old hand-clapping, foot-stomping, shout-out-with-glee welcome for Comeback Katie! She has started a new blog! It’s called Pinecraft-Sarasota. 

For those who don’t know, Katie had a wonderful blog with some of the most gorgeous pictures you could ever imagine (she is a very talented photographer). And she has a unique perspective on life… as per her post “The Last Flower.” But as I was saying, she HAD a very well-established blog, and then something happened and she lost it (I sure hope someone wasn’t mean-spirited enough to hack it). A huge applause for her persistence in starting up a new one. Please visit her blog… you will not be disappointed.
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4 thoughts on “Katie is Back!”

  1. Katie, it is my pleasure to mention your blog. I’m glad you got the book… I look forward to hearing your take on it….

    I would love to know your story, too. Are you writing a book by any chance? I would buy your book, and I bet many of your other followers would, too.

    Happy reading!


  2. Thank you so very much for the info to find and follow Katie again! She and her site are a breath of fresh air and I have truly missed her.


  3. This must be the blog I tried clicking on older links for? It would appear for less than a second and then I’d be redirected to another page – stalk.info

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