Dreab Days

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. ~ Anne Bradstreet

The Amish summed up in one word the description for grey, drizzly, dreary days. Their word is “dreab.” Doesn’t that just about say it right?

I don’t do well with too many dreab days in a row, which is what we are having in Western Massachusetts. Does anyone have any suggestions with how to make our own sunshine when the sun we crave is hidden behind an impenetrable bank of grey clouds? I’d love any suggestions you have!

Wishing everyone a good weekend, and Happy Spring, should she care to show her face in your area. She seems to be hiding from us this last week. 

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8 thoughts on “Dreab Days”

  1. Despite the rainy weather here in RI I am enjoying it to the fullest extent. Being from Maine the winters were always so long. The snow seemed to take forever to melt away. I moved to the RI area 8 years ago. This past winter was harsh and reminded memos the days growing up in Maine. So even with rainy and chilly. I have decided that it’s better then snow. I went and bought some plants and went outside to play in the dirt. Such a great feeling and so much fun. Reminds me of playing in the rain as a kid.


    Kiley Rodrigues

  2. We are enjoying Spring, on and off. And it’s so true, what would Spring be without Winter? It’s the contrast, the change, that makes it so magical.

    Dreab…what a wonderful word!

  3. Kiley, thanks for giving me perspective… I was just thinking after I posted this that I shouldn’t complain… after all we aren’t having floods, tornados, or hurricanes, and then I heard about the tornado in Alabama. Now I’m counting my blessings.

    Botanist, good that you are enjoying Spring. And as Kiley said, at least it’s better than snow.

    Yes,dreab says it all, doesn’t it?

  4. I hear you, Saloma! I’m a little tired of all the bad thunderstoms and tornado warnings here in the southern ADK MTS. One of our local churches was struck by lightning (bell in the steeple was blown to bits) and only 3 walls remain. We have flooding going on right now and I was whining about it all but have stopped. It’s nothing compared to what those poor people in Missouri and Alabama are putting up with.

    Gee… I wasn’t much help to YOU was I? I keep busy on grey days and am actually thankful it has gotten warmer. I’ll take gray skies and dry pavement over a spring snowstorm, any day!

  5. We in the Lancaster area are getting alittle more rain than maybe normal, but the sun has its moments at times.For you Saloma id say hang in there, it will almost be over for you. You can always look at images of sunny times, until it makes an appearance in your neck of the woods. Richard http://www.Amishstorys.com.

  6. Hello Saloma,
    I saw your presentation on Saturday at the library in williston. I came in part because in a week and a half I will be leading a discussion about ‘Blood of the Prodigal’ by P. L. Gaus. The discussion is sponsored by the Vermont Humanities Council. I know you mentioned some of the writers who have romantisized the Amish and I wonder what you think of Mr. Gaus.
    thank you

  7. Peggy, it was of help… it’s all about perspective. And as I write this, I just got back from Vermont on a gorgeous day… Patience is definitely a virtue.

    Thanks, Richard, I don’t think I had a choice… what is the alternative to “hanging in there” (smile).

    Peter, I will do a post to answer your question.

  8. Well, I must say that living in the Pacific NW we seem to have MORE than our share of rain – and everyone else’s!! The Dreab Days definitely get to me, and no small number of people around here have what is called “Seasonal Affective Disorder” (SAD) or winter depression – caused by lack of sunlight/vitamin D. That requires special treatment. I don’t have that, but do get the doldrums. What I find most helpful is:
    1.Consider those who have it MUCH worse – and there are plenty, especially this year.
    2. Practice gratitude for what I have.
    3. Keep busy with things that interest me.
    4. Get plenty of physical exercise.
    5. Do something good for someone else.
    Good luck with the Dreabs – Spring is on the way & summer can’t be far behind that. (All 2 days of it in August in these parts… ~:-o) )

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