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This morning I was interviewed on MassAppeal for WWLP, Channel 22 in Springfield, Mass. You can watch the video of it here. This was in preparation for a talk at the Forbes Library this Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM.

This was my television debut, so I was really nervous, which comes through in the video. It was clear that Ashley Kohl, my interviewer had done this many times, for she seemed to be at ease. I hope to do more television interviews in the future, for it was exciting, albeit nerve wracking.

This Friday I will be interviewed by Larry Rifkin for The Talk of the Town on WATR in Waterbury, Connecticut. You’ll be able to listen to that here. This is in preparation of my talk at the Whittemore Library in Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 31, which promises to be a well-attended event. John Wiehn, the events coordinator there has been exceedingly committed to getting publicity and building up the event in his community.

On Labor Day, Monday, September 5, my interview with Mindy Todd on The Point will air on Cape Cod.  You’ll be able to listen to a podcast of that interview here. I have five events scheduled right after Labor Day and with Mindy Todd’s intervie, I expect these will be well-attended.

As these interviews become available, I will post them on the Media Events page of my website.

A little about Maine this week: I did a talk at the Scarborough Library on Wednesday evening. The audience was intimate and enthusiastic. We were hosted by a most gracious couple, David and Jean Stewart. We found them through the Mennonite Your Way organization. We really enjoyed talking with them about life in Maine after my library appearance and over breakfast the next morning.

On Thursday evening, I spoke at the Rockland Public Library. When we arrived twenty minutes before the time of the talk, there were already about twenty people there. More and more chairs were brought out, until the room was pretty full. Then, just before I was about to speak, in the door came Eleanor Rothman! She really took me by surprise. She started the Ada Comstock Program at Smith College, and so I always associate her with Massachusetts, and here she was in Rockland, Maine! It was really great to see her.

The final count of people who came to my talk at the Rockland Public Library was 62 people, the biggest audience I’ve had since May at the Lancaster Public Library. It was fun to be talking to a big audience, though I enjoy the intimate ones as well.

David and I enjoyed our time in Maine. We look forward to all the upcoming events.

Rockland Public Library 
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6 thoughts on “Interviews and Appearances”

  1. Ellie Rothman! What a treat! She interviewed me before I was admitted to Smith. Lovely woman and amazing pioneer! Saloma, your story touches me. Thank you for sharing.

    Donna Abelli AC’98

  2. I read your book. It was a tough read, but well worth the investment of time, prayer, and emotions. Thank you for sharing your story – I know that was beyond hard to write.

  3. Rita, thanks for your compliment. I would do many things differently if I could…

    Donna, isn’t Ellie one of the kindest souls you’ve every met? I truly appreciate what she has done for so many of us! And congratulations on graduating as an Ada!

    Char, thank you for your comments. The book was not as hard to write as one might think. If I hadn’t dealt with these issues through intensive therapy, I think it would have been impossible to write. As it was, this was completing the process by putting my story out there for others to read. And thank you for sharing your thoughts about the book.

    Prayers of protection for everyone during the storm.


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