Who’s Driving this Buggy?

The other day, David and I were driving east on Route 340 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I was talking with David when I caught quite a sight out of the corner of my eye. We’d met a buggy driven by a man with a long gray beard that was blowing in the wind. Right next to him was this little long-haired dog, with his hair blowing in the buggy breezes, too. He must have been sitting on a box next to the man, cause his head was even with the man’s beard and looked almost like it was an extension of it. The dog was sitting at full attention, as if he were making sure the horse stayed on course.

I convinced David to go back to see it. We went past the buggy and then I got out with my camera and waited by an intersection. As they were coming up to the intersection, I hit the off button instead of snapping the photo twice, cause I got so excited. (A friend told me this was the hand of God). However, they had to wait at the intersection and so I got to take these photos.

With that intent look, who do you think is driving this buggy?

Photogenic, aren’t we?

I wonder if the Amish would consider it vanity to have a picture of their dog (or horse for that matter)? Given this photo opportunity, would you have resisted the urge to take these shots? Why or why not?

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8 thoughts on “Who’s Driving this Buggy?”

  1. Cool pictures! It does look like the dog is driving the buggy! lol I don’t know if I would have taken the picture or not. It’s been years since I’ve been in Amish Country and I was scared to take a picture of the people. Funny thing is I know they could never catch up with me in their buggy and us in a car! lol

  2. I wouldn’t have blinked an eye…the dog in the buggy doesn’t seem that unusual to me around Lancaster. This reminds me of an anecdote I heard where a man stopped by an Amish farm and asked a little girl “Is that an English bulldog?” and the little girl replied, “No! It’s Amish!” Anyway, glad you made it home safely and hope your book talks went well. ~Monica

  3. When we were in Lancaster I never took any pictures of the Amish in their buggies out of respect and courtesy. So, no, I would not have attempted to take the pictures.

  4. What a funny photo. Very cute. Knowing my luck if I had attempted I would have been caught by the driver of the buggy! Have a great day!
    Blessings, Joanne

  5. Nope, I would have taken the photo…. The man most likely saw you as he approached the intersection and knew what you were up to.

    There have been times when I could not take photos. The one I remember most was while I was in NYC. It was November, just a day after the Macy Day Parade on Thanksgiving. A man was sleeping on a park bench with his parka coat on, and his head resting on a pile of newspapers. I couldn’t invade his privacy. He was there, for the whole world to see, yet, he was in the privacy of his own “home.” I felt like an intruder. It would have made a fabulous shot, told an incredible story… I just couldn’t do it.

  6. GREAT pictures!! I chuckled out loud, really! Yes, I would have taken it. No one posed for it so it wouldn’t be considered vanity on the part of the Amish driver. But … did he stay stopped a little bit longer than necessary for you to take it? … around here they would duck their heads, but then again, they are VERY conservative around here.

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