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Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.   ~ Albert Einstein

It has been a while since I offered this, and I know many of you have signed up recently to my blog. So, I would like to offer to answer your questions in my next post. It can be about my experience, or a broader question about Amish culture and beliefs.

Also, in case any of you would like to hear a book talk, along with questions and answers that I did last week at the Aldrich Public Library in Barre, Vermont, I have a video of it posted on my website.

I look forward to your questions. I will take them “in the order in which they are received.” (Can’t you just hear that recorded voice on the phone?)

Have a wonderful weekend, all.

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4 thoughts on “Your Questions”

  1. I found your book very moving. You have certainly embraced this new life and I am very happy for you. My question (feel free to not answer if this will cause you trouble with your Amish family) what punishment if any happened to your brother?

  2. how do the Amish handle mental illness or depression? I once read a book, and I forget the author, that talked about an Amish man who suffered abuse at the hands of his father, and his brother was killed at a young age. The man always thought it was his fault and lashed out at how own family and children because of it. in the end, the book talked about how he went to a sanatorium of sorts that specialized and was run by Amish/Mennonites..

  3. I watched your entire video, you are an amazing speaker. I would like to know how the Amish women that you spoke about helping found you. Glad to see that David now brings his little “Houses” with him. Vicki

  4. Hello Saloma,

    I greatly enjoy your blog and I found your first book to be very interesting. I look forward to reading your second book.

    My questions is about humor in Amish culture. Do Amish people appreciate things like satire, sarcasm, etc.? Do children and families tell jokes, sing funny songs, and pull harmless pranks on one another? Do they use humor as a way to diffuse tension, deal with grief, or make people feel better?


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