The Heath Fair

When I lived in Burton, Ohio I knew that the Geauga County Fair happened every year. Some of the Amish youth went to it and had fun there, but it was supposed to be off limits for the us. I was a goody-two-shoes, so I never went there. Here is a photo that "proves" the Amish attend the fair, as per Steve Buchheit's blog, Story Bones.

Since I left the Amish thirty-two years ago for the final time, I've attended a county fair — once. I remember saying to David when our boys were little and we lived in Vermont, "You know what, I've never been to a fair. We should take the boys this weekend." David grumbled, especially when we had to pay to park our car anywhere near the fairgrounds. Then we took rides with the boys, visited the animals, ate fried dough, heard someone singing from a bandstand, and did a lot of walking around in the dark. I was ready to go home by then. 
I know this is a really bad endorsement for what I am about to say. I was invited to speak at the Pleasure Boat Studio Booth at the Heath Fair this coming weekend. I'll be speaking there at 11:00 AM on Sunday. And you know what? I'm actually planning to enjoy myself. It is the 95th. year for this agricultural fair, and I'm ready for some country fun. I'll be taking my new friend with me who just left the Amish. Together we can have the kind of old-fashioned fun that we were denied while in the Amish community.
So, if you live in Massachusetts, or are visiting the area, please stop by the Heath Fair. I'd love to say hi and introduce you to David and my friend. I probably won't take any rides on those machines that like to mix up your insides, but I'm sure we'll have fun. We might even have to choose between several kinds of fun happening simultaneously. I'll let you know how it goes. 
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  1. I hope you did have a good time. Rides that curdle your stomach are a very small part of the Heath Fair. It’s more about the exhibits in The Blue Building, good eats at the Green Building (which is now red) and the horse and ox draws. And books! The Library book sale, and this year the Authors Tent. I was glad to meet you and am about to settle down with your book.

  2. No rides that mix up your insides for me, either! But I do love to see the animals, 4H exhibits, produce and all things agrigcultural…and eat fried dough :-) Have fun! I don’t get to go this year :-(

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