My Book’s on Sale!

Thank you to those who let me know that it was difficult to leave comments on my blog. I have corrected that situation, so you don’t have to type those indecipherable letters/words just to be allowed to leave a comment.

Since I’ve done this, I’ve been getting a lot of solicitations, which always start out with saying how wonderful my blog is. I’m hoping that will stop… if you think I’m going to give you a free pass at advertising, think again. I hit the delete button when there’s a link of any kind. I’d hate to put the annoying controls back because some people are trying to take advantage. I’ve kept my blog free of ads, partly because I find them so very bothersome and partly because I like the uncluttered look.

That said, I am going to give you my own pitch. I’m offering my book on sale (autographed, of course) on my website for $15.00, and with that you also get a free Plain and Simple bookmark. I am also offering DVD copies of the PBS American Experience documentary The Amish, that David and I were featured in.

There are two ways to order these products. One is with my online order form, the other is to download  a PDF order form and send it to me through the mail.

I’ve been getting comments via email from many of you who are enjoying my blog. Thank you for all your compliments and for your understanding of many of the issues I’ve raised here. Not only is it gratifying to know that you’re enjoying my writings, but it’s also what keeps me going.

There is a common perception that authors reach instant fame and fortune when their books are published. It is true for a select few. The rest of us struggle to pay our mortgage.

Let me describe what it’s been like since my book came out in January 2011. At that time I was working half days, five days a week, at Amherst College. I knew the best time to market a book is right after publication. As is true for many independent and university publishers, mine doesn’t have any marketing budget, nor does it have the staff to promote my book. So I took a risk and let go of my day job to go on the road and promote my book. David let go of his, too, so we could travel together.

It has been a rewarding, tiring, awesome, and challenging 18 months since then. There have been such times of triumph — when large crowds showed up in little towns, with three generations of the same family attending; when David and I experienced a new state in this wide country that stretches from sea to shining sea; when there have been meaningful interactions with people at the book talks, whether they were challenging me or complimenting me; and when there was a new record set of how many books sold at a book talk.

There have also been times of discouragement — when the venue where I’m speaking fills up with people and they ask great questions — and then the majority of people walk out without buying the book. If more than 100 people show up and I sell less than ten books, I cannot help but ask myself what I’ve done wrong.

So, the bottom line is that I’m not rich and famous just because my book is in print — far from it. And that isn’t what it’s all about for me, anyway. However, I would like to support the lifestyle that David and I have chosen. I would like to continue to share my writing through my blog and get my second book published. To do that, I need your support. If you have enjoyed reading my blog; if you also like the uncluttered, ad-free pages; if you are looking forward to reading the second book; and if you have been wanting to buy my book and haven’t for one reason or another, please consider doing so now. While you’re at it, you might want to get several copies for gifts. You’ll get the extra bonus of a free bookmark with each book you buy.

And don’t forget David’s beautifully crafted  Vintage Village Designs. The holidays are coming up and these make thoughtful homemade gifts. Buying online through Pay Pal is also an option for his website.

David and I appreciate your support and wish you the very best.

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6 thoughts on “My Book’s on Sale!”

  1. Oh, THANK you for taking off the word verification. I’ve spent so much time trying to get comments on blogs with the horrid little feature activated, and then just puffed the entire comment because I couldn’t replicate those ridiculous words correctly.

    I don’t think there is anything “wrong” when you’ve given a talk (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and folks walk away without purchasing a book. Sometimes people see a “book signing” and an informative talk such as you provide at libraries as two different things. Do you see a difference in sales consistently when you look at the two in this way? I would think that an even advertised as a book signing and talk would do better on the sales end than one just promoted as a book talk. Just a thought.

  2. Dear Saloma,

    Unfortunately, the majority of those trying to make a living in any of the arts has a rough go of it. Yes, I’ve enjoyed this blog of yours very much! I have learned so much from you & look forward to learning much more in the future. I very much look forward to your next book, also. Keeping you & David in my heart & prayers…

  3. Saloma,

    I was trying to finish reading all of your posts before ordering your book. I started a week ago yesterday but my problem is, I have to read every single reply and click on every single link to articles or other blogs and then read those too. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting a glimpse into your life past and present. It has opened my eyes in some areas and brought back similar memories in others. It makes me realize how much all of us are alike no matter what our background. I am ordering your book today and hope to be caught all the way up on your blog by the time it arrives. Thank you so much for using some of your precious time to share your great talents with the rest of us!


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