Rebecca Questions Answered 2

Stephanie Reed wrote: Has Rebecca had a chance to begin attending a Bible-believing church since she left? I believe that’s a hugely important step in her journey, one that will provide a whole community of support in addition to yours, not to mention setting her on a path to healing.

Rebecca has chosen not to attend any churches for now. Those of us who come out of the Amish all have a different path to healing.

David Jabon wrote: Rebecca, what is the hardest part about leaving the Amish? What is the easiest part?

Rebecca says the hardest part is missing her family. The easiest part is having the freedom to make her own choices, such as wearing the clothes she wants to wear, having a sip of beer now and again, going out to movies, music concerts, and hanging out with other young people at bars, baking and making baskets and keeping the money she earns, and furthering her education.

Vicki wrote: I wish you well and would like to know why and how you left.

About why Rebecca left, please see the earlier post. She left in the middle of the night. She walked more than a mile to “English” neighbors and asked for help to leave. She wanted to meet up with an English boyfriend, which did not work out. She ended up taking a Greyhound bus to the neighbor’s relative. A friend then saw my name on the Internet and called me for advice. That is how Rebecca ended up here at our house.

Tam wrote: Is she protecting her identity because she’s afraid they’ll come and take her back? 

Rebecca would rather not answer this question. She is not concerned about her family coming to get her.

Anonymous wrote: I am a member of the church of Christ. Do you allow us to email you with questions?

We would prefer to keep things in the blog sphere. But thank you for asking.

Sprouting Acorn wrote: Has Rebecca had contact with anyone from her community since she left? Are you, Saloma, prepared for a knock at your door? If that were to happen, how would you handle it?  

Yes, Rebecca has exchanged letters with various family members. I am prepared for a knock on my door. As to how I would handle it, I would go and find David — he has been waiting for years to “handle” the situation. In all seriousness, I would want to talk with Rebecca alone, to give her some time to think about the tough choice of whether she wants to go back… rather than be on automatic pilot, as I was in that situation thirty-four years ago. I would not try to prevent her from going back, if that is what she chose to do. However, I would be her advocate if she decided to stand up and say she did not want to go back. Having said all this, I am more concerned about this possibility than Rebecca is… she does not think her community would show up here.

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5 thoughts on “Rebecca Questions Answered 2”

  1. Saloma, what a wonderful haven you are to a young person seeking her life. Congrats to you for remembering your own roots and feelings when you were young. Rebecca is a lucky girl to have found someone who is a clear thinker and has no “agenda” in giving her what she needs at this time. God Bless!

  2. Rebecca is where she needs to be now, and that is with Saloma & David. She needs a safe place with no religious pressure until she knows what she believes, why she believes what she does. This process is not done over night.

  3. **Tam wrote: Is she protecting her identity because she’s afraid they’ll come and take her back?

    Rebecca would rather not answer this question. She is not concerned about her family coming to get her.**

    Thank you. I respect her not wanting to share too much. She did answer the question I had about if she thought they’d come and take her back. I was thinking of your story and wondered if the same thing would happen. I hope everything works out for her.

  4. I agree with Deb and Katie. She’s just left one “Bible-believing” church. Jumping into another one isn’t necessarily a healing path. Healing takes time and maybe she needs to explore who she is as an individual. She will find her place, whatever/wherever that may be, in her own time.

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