Weekend Sunrise in Australia

Several nights ago, I heard a “ding” on my computer that signaled that I have an email coming in. I opened it and nearly swallowed my gum… it was from someone who was inviting me to be on an Australian television program called Weekend Sunrise. Over the next few days I got the details… I was to go to a studio in Springfield, Massachusetts, and they would interview me live from Australia at 7:30 PM on Friday night, which would be Saturday morning in Australia.

I tried not to be nervous. (Have you ever tried not to be nervous?) I’ve been interviewed for television before, I kept telling myself. And my recent yoga practice helped. I kept taking deep breaths to dispel my jitters.

I arrived at the studio early. I was asked to sit on a very high chair, which was very wiggly. I had visions of the chair breaking in the middle of the interview. Thank goodness my imagination was more vivid than reality.

Several people talked to me ahead of time, to make sure we had a connection. The whole thing felt so out of this world… I could have an interview on my Friday night, and their Saturday morning in real time, and yet it takes 20 hours to fly to that side of the world. Australia is a place the Amish can never travel to unless they sail there, and then how many weeks does that take? And yet they were the topic of discussion.

The minutes on that high chair seemed forever long. I could hear other broadcasts from the earphone in my right ear, and then commercial breaks. Eventually my hosts, Samantha Armytage and Andrew O’Keefe began introducing the Amish story and then me.  I soon figured out that there must be a time lag because I noticed that my hosts were trying to talk to me as I was still talking. And then a few minutes later, I heard someone say that they lost me, and I heard a commercial. It turned out that a few minutes into the show we lost our connection.

So I had my few moments in the sun, or should I say Sunrise. I found it to be a great experience, though it also has some kind of an unreal quality to it. If someone had told me while I was still Amish that I would someday be interviewed for television from the other side of our world, I would not have believed it. First of all, I wouldn’t have known it could ever be technologically possible. I wouldn’t have thought myself capable of such a thing either from the point of view of confidence or that I could do something so antithetical to my upbringing. It is pretty far from my humble and austere beginnings. I don’t know if that is good, bad, or indifferent, but I cannot help but notice it.

If only I could someday travel to that far and distant land…

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9 thoughts on “Weekend Sunrise in Australia”

  1. After 35 years of dreaming and wishing I did travel to Australia in 2009. It was the journey of my life, a life-changing experience.
    One day you’ll be able to travel there too, I’m sure.
    Dream it – Wish it – Do it, Saloma!



  2. What a wonderful story to start my day. Our life is a journey and your’s has taken you in a new direction. Have a great week.
    Tom the back roads traveller

  3. I am always amazed when I call my son who lives in Sydney. It sounds as though he is just next door! I’m so glad we have managed to visit them. Australia is an amazing land.

  4. Will they try to connect another time? …and Saloma, are you quietly making a packing list of what to take when you and David go? ;-) It’s only a matter of time (and money but you might find a great deal!)

  5. SaLoma,
    Looks like you’re still a celebrity!
    “It is pretty far from my humble and austere beginnings. I don’t know if that is good, bad, or indifferent, but I cannot help but notice it.” It’s good, Saloma. A gift from God to one of his beautiful daughters. Isn’t life exciting!

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