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I have not forgotten you, my dear readers. I have been working, almost exclusively, on my Fulbright proposal for the past few weeks. I am using the Nielson Library at Smith College more than I used to when I was a student there. It is amazing how quiet it is there in the summertime. I love that library! Every time I find a book I'm looking for in the stacks, I feel like I've just found another treasure.

I have been supported by some generous and kind people as I do preliminary research and write my proposal. I am especially grateful to Donald Andrew, my Fulbright coach, and to Professor Benz, my Smith advisor. If I am successful in receiving a Fulbright research grant, it will be because of their expert guidance.

I have found Professors in Germany who will advise my research, which I am also grateful for.

An update on David's knee: He is making progress with his range of motion every day by bending just as fa-a-ar as he can. He is walking with one crutch most of the time now, and sometimes without one. He is so conscientious about doing his physical therapy exercises and his spirits are up most of the time. He's only been grumpy about four times since this happened two months ago. I tell him he's entitled.

I promise that I will re-emerge sometime in the next week to write a longer posting. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.


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