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It often feels like many years since my books were published. So when there are new book reviews that come out of nowhere, I am reminded that it is actually less than two years since Bonnet Strings was published. That is a very long time for a book these days, I know. But when you pour your life into a book (literally), you hope it will be more than a flash in the pan.

Last week Herald Press let me know about an academic book review, written by JoAnne Lehman published in Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources. Both my books were reviewed, along with several other memoirs written by women who have left an authoritarian Christian past. I was very moved by Lehman's thoughtful review of the books. With her permission, I am linking to a pdf version of the reviews. It will become available on their website after their next issue is published.

Also, in late November, a blogger in Seattle wrote a review of Bonnet Strings. In this case, I knew she was going to review it because I sent her a copy of my book. I was very touched by the review she wrote.

There is nothing so gratifying for authors than to know that we still have an audience years after our books were published. So I am most grateful for these reviews.

Note: Herald Press is offering a 70% discount on Bonnet Strings until Christmas. I was supposed to announce this weeks ago. There is still time to receive them by Christmas.

I wish everyone a Christmas filled with peace, joy, light, love, and good cheer!

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    1. Hi Charles! I would gladly do a talk in Ontario if I had the chance. If you know of anyone who would host a book talk, please let me know.

      Thanks for coming by and for your continued support.

      Happy Holidays!

  2. Saloma, I finally got to read your book reviews. What jumped out at me with Jo Anne Lehman was when she said,”she tells her story with powerful directness and simplicity…..resonates with astounding grace.” And Seattle Book Mama said “it was an articulate, engaging memoir, fascinating!!” Couldn’t have said it better myself, because that is what your writing is. Congrats!!!!

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