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A new interview was published today on the American Studies Blog. It’s called “Art Meets Life: An Interview with Ex-Amish Author Saloma Miller Furlong.

Sabrina Völz, from Leuphana University in Lüneberg, Germany, is the author of this blog. She asked me for an interview a few months back. I look forward to meeting her at the Amish Conference in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania this weekend. She will be talking about my books at one of the sessions on Friday afternoon.

I hope you enjoy the interview. Sabrina asked great questions.

There will be a continuation of the interview posted next week.

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8 thoughts on “Interview on American Studies Blog”

  1. pamela lakits

    I’m with Joan, Wow!!! There were some tough questions and your answers so thought provoking and honest. Though I suffered some emotional abuse as a child I, like you, have happy memories of being out doors with my siblings playing in our woods, sled riding down our hill, playing in our tree house, running bare foot in the creek, turning over rocks looking for crayfish. Now that I am in my fifties and my parents are gone I have found it easier to just think of those happy times. Perhaps I am a coward, hiding my head in the sand, as they say, I don’t know. What I do know is that in reading your books I realize I’m not alone. There are others trying to sort it all out yet not letting it define who they are. You Saloma helped in many ways to face my “giants”.

  2. pamela lakits

    Salome, I am also hoping that you will have some great stuff to share with us from the conference at Elizabethtown College. What a great opportunity to hear these amazing people speak. Would love to be there for it. Looking forward to the second part of your interview.

  3. Saloma, I’m with Joan and Pamela about the interviews. Excellent work! I appreciate your openness and honesty. The part that stands out to me is the body image and genetics. Have you been tested for gluten sensitivity? If you are interested in any articles about the connection with food sensitivities and weight gain, let me know and I will post the links. Those delicious Amish desserts might be metabolized very differently in you than in other people. Very common. In fact, that might have been the problem with your relatives, for I believe it is genetic :-)

    1. Denise, interesting that you should mention food sensitivities and gluten in particular. For the past month, I have been eating gluten free… no baked goods, which cuts down on sugar as well. I feel much better, though it has not reduced my weight. Mah!

      I recently read this article, which is really discouraging:

      I go back and forth between trying to be happy the way I am to really wanting to reduce my weight. This article makes me lean towards being happy with the way I am.

  4. Very interesting article, Saloma. It is only one perspective, though. I have read so many other articles about causes of weight gain. The fact that you are feeling better is a good sign. Are you game to try going without sugar totally and without grains? (Grains and sugar are tough on the intestines where our food is digested.) And 9 servings of veggies a day? You would learn a bit more. Let me know. You look beautiful the way you are. My only concern is your health and longevity. I support you whatever way you choose :-)

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