Third Story Studio at the Bridgeside Retreat

I want to thank all of you who responded to my last three blog posts. It was so gratifying to feel such solid support for this book project. I cannot tell you how moved I was by the comments, especially for those of you who shared of your own stories. It makes me realize how many of us have struggled with coming to terms with our childhood.

I have finished the first draft of the book, and now I am having several readers provide me with feedback. My next step is to query agents, and then find a publisher. I will keep you posted with my progress.

On October 11, I will be speaking at Bluffton University in western Ohio, which means I will be making a flying trip to Ohio and back.

Remember several weeks ago when I promised that I would post photos of the attic when David was finished with the railing he was putting in? This past weekend, he finished constructing and putting it up. Now he still has trim work to do, but there is a solid railing and ballister to lean on to come down the stairs. It looks fabulous!

Ever since we lived in Fairfax, Vermont, when David and his brother ran their toy business, we’ve had several unusual pieces of birch lumber. What made them unusual is how wide they were. We had on piece that was 19 inches wide! and two that were 14 inches wide. We have been moving them with us wherever we moved, and they have been sitting in our garage ever since we moved here. David decided to plane the wood and use it for these ballisters, and they came out so nice. I sanded and finished them with Danish oil, and now they look really nice.

Without further ado, here are the photos:


Bringing fresh autumn air into our third story studio space with our “turbo” fan.


This is also where we watch television.


And the ballister and railing…


We have a bird’s eye view of the park next door from the west windows

I have posted our attic space on Airbnb as another option. We can accommodate families in this attic space with the sofa and an inflatable mattress. Several of our guests have already used this space for their accommodations. We were told by one of them that he was able to play Pokemon from the bed. Because I don’t play the game, I take his word for it.

Business has been brisk lately. We’ve enjoyed meeting new people over breakfast in our dining room. I love being a host. Hanging sheets out to dry and bringing them in smelling like the fresh breezes that blew through them is such a pleasure. I find I keep a tidier and cleaner house, knowing that I have guests arriving. So playing the innkeeper suits me.

Here is a link to our new listing:

Third Floor Studio at the Bridgeside Retreat

Sunderland, MA, United States

This 1920s home is in the charming village of Sunderland, next to the Connecticut River and with mountain views. On bus line just minutes from the five colleges. This studio is great for families…

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8 thoughts on “Third Story Studio at the Bridgeside Retreat”

  1. Hello Saloma, I love your 3rd story retreat. It looks very inviting. I am sure you will be meeting lots of interesting people.
    If you are going to Bluffton University, you just might meet my brother Howard Keim. He just retired from being president of Hesston College. He is teaching a 6 week term of business management courses.
    gr. mary maarsen

    1. Thank you, Mary, for your compliments. That would be so great to meet your brother… I hope I do. I will tell him I’ve been introduced to him by you :-)

      Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Autumn to you!

  2. It looks lovely. Is this a year’round destination? I ask, because in Juneau, Alaska, where I live, our tourist season is just ending. Only a couple more cruiseships- and the shops have already closed and are doing inventory. The personnel has to leave because the new tourist season where they are heading begins on October 1.

    I’m glad I am retired! (Not that I ever worked in a jewelry or T-shirt shop!)

    1. Hi Elva. Yes, this is a year-round destination. We are in the five-college area, which means there are always people coming and going in this area.

      So are you looking forward to the end of the tourist season?

      What did you retire from?

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love your 3rd floor retreat. Maybe one day on our way to or from VT we can stay a night and play a game of Scrabble with you. The birch wood banister is beautiful. I love the holographic look it has. The old Cushman furniture company in Bennington, VT used yellow birch to make their furniture (we have a few pieces). I would also put in the ad if I were you that you are close to Old Deerfield Village. Lots of interesting history there — especially the Indian raid of 1704. Rev. John William’s book The Redeemed Captive is still in print. You are also close to Yankee Candle with is a destination place that is fun to go to even if you do not buy a thing. When we lived in Barre and traveled I-91 to East Longmeadow to see my husband’s family we would stop at Yankee Candle. We actually found it when we stopped at the closest place off I-91 that had a restroom. Can’t wait to read your next book. Thank you!

  4. With five colleges in your area I can see why there will be a constant demand for temporary housing! We have ONE university here. :)

    I retired from Alaska state employment in order to manage – and live- at a house museum in town, which I did for 12+ years. Since then I have worked as a building manager at various sites; now I live in a housing complex along with about 60 other seniors and fill my time with music and watercolor painting and drawing. Life is good!

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