Energy Efficient Home for Sale in Sunderland, Massachusetts

David and I have been busily preparing our home for sale. Yesterday was the big day… our open house. In the last few weeks, we (mostly David) finished installing and painting the woodwork in the back entrance, scraped the side of the garage of lead paint and repainted it, put up part of the siding on the new part of the house, installed lattice work around the foundation of new part of the house, cleaned out the basement, and cleaned the garage. I also cleaned the windows throughout from the attic to the first floor, spruced up the house to a shine, and created a video that tells the story of the renovations of our home. Our realtor, Kate Hogan, played the video in a loop during open house, and we offered homemade rolls and cookies to those who came. Apparently about 20 people came, and the house was well received. I had flowers in most of the rooms, including the bathrooms. Our place has never looked as good as it did yesterday.

I will share the video here. If you know anyone who is looking for a home in Western Massachusetts, I will be grateful if you send them a link to this post.


I will update as our plans progress. We are planning to move to the Holmes and Wayne County, Ohio area. When we get an offer on this house, we’ll be making a mad scramble to find housing in Ohio. We don’t yet know if we will be buying or renting. This is an adventure that David and I are embarking on to live a less hectic life among people who already are living more simply.

I look forward to being back soon.

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37 thoughts on “Energy Efficient Home for Sale in Sunderland, Massachusetts”

  1. Your house is so lovely! You’ve put such great work into it! We bought our first house in Lancaster City a year ago, and it still has so far to go. I’m sure someone will scoop this up in no time!

  2. What a beautiful home. Good luck with selling your home and in your future endeavors whatever they may be. Can’t wait to see how you progress. It’s not like you can go read the last chapter in a book just as you finish the first chapter! Sorry, sometimes I’m guilty of that. LOL

    1. Kris, if I had a chance at a sneak peek at our future home, you bet I would take it! One house that David and I both liked (at least from the description and photos online) has gone under contract. The market is hot in that part of Ohio.

  3. I sure look forward to your move to Wayne or Holmes County Ohio. I have siblings in both counties.

  4. Saloma, Your home is lovely and exudes such warmth and coziness! Best of luck selling your home. The new owners will be lucky to have such a wonderful place to call home. Fondly….Christine

  5. Sadie Showalter

    Oh you will be in my home stumping ground!! Hope it will be a good move for you and I look forward to meeting up with you when i come to visit my family.

    I hope to connect with you when you are in Virginia for the Women of Anabaptist Traditions. My daughter will be visiting at that time, so hope she may come along for your breakout session.

    1. Sadie, it will be great to see you and your daughter at the conference, and I’m so glad we’ll be able to meet up in Ohio in the future. There will be a whole community of us who have lived an Amish life.

  6. Wow! What a great home you have made of it! I’m so impressed. It should sell for bundles- keep in mind that only ONE buyer is needed, :) I wish you the best of luck in your move.

  7. Good For you and David on the big decision! and “gooda job” on the reno and cleanup. The new owners will love it. I read with great interest how special your new home should be (and I read between the lines) and of course I believe it will be absolutely awesome! The place you are looking for is right there, waiting for you. I think of the benediction which was read out loud at the end of each and every one of the old church services from Numbers 6:24-26 24 “The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: 25 The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: 26 The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.”


      1. You are so welcome and (make sure to say hello to David) and please do not forget to email me all the Hans Marti (and Swiss Martin family info) info from SZ when you have a chance and if ok as many pics from Trachsalwald Castle as possible that are not already posted;
        Best Regards;
        Delmer B, Martin
        R4 Elmira Ontario

  8. What a beautiful home! You did much work on it to bring it to its present “shine”! I wish you a quick sale & success in finding your new home! We are up in that neck of the woods quite often (Holmes/Wayne counties). Who knows, we may meet someday! Many blessings to your new future!

  9. pamela lakits

    Saloma, great job on the video!! I like how you showed before and after photo’s while telling of the updates and improvements you have made along the way. I also liked how you included the outside improvements and the lay of the land. If I were younger with a family and moving to Massachusetts I would grab up that house in a heartbeat! I’m sure you have mixed emotions about leaving the home that you both have put so much love and care into and yet there must be an ailment of excitement in starting a new life somewhere else. I know it would be for me. I’m so excited about you two moving closer to my neck of the woods!!

    1. Thanks, Pamela, for your comments on the video. It took me a long time to make that, even though it’s only 4.33 minutes long. It was a creative project, though, so it was a lot of fun.

      I sure look forward to meeting you in Ohio. I feel like I know you, and yet we haven’t met in person.

  10. I’m ready to drop from exhaustion just reading about all your recent work. I don’t think I have enough energy to watch the video, too.

    *pant, pant*

    Promote that your homemade Amish sticky buns will be served. That should lure a buyer or two. I’d consider driving cross country!

  11. Well done, Saloma! I hope you get a buyer soon. So moving to my home environment, Shreve or Wooster area was a great place to grow up.

  12. You and David have created a lovely home. Best wishes in finding a buyer and also for finding a home to rent or buy in Holmes-Wayne County area. I would love to meet you in person once you move to Ohio

  13. I rested up and took the “tour”. What a beautiful and innovative home!

    It is apparent that you and David put an incredible amount of love and passion into it over the years. I see both your histories and skills throughout. I appreciate the tasteful, simple elegance of the decor. It is truly turn-key.

    My favorite part of the house is the front porch with the unexpected and fun pops of color.

    I. Love. Your. Home.

    1. Jean, thanks for taking the tour and your compliments on it. We have poured our everything into this house, that is for sure.

      The front porch was sooo much work! It feels good to have it done, after years of work!

      Thanks again for your compliments.

  14. Saloma, I’m so impressed by what you and David have done to make this home so beautiful. The work you have put in ever since you purchased it is so amazing and so well done. It surely will sell quickly. I am sad to have you leave our area but I’m very happy for you and David to finally be in close reach of your dream of being back where your heart is.

  15. What a beautiful home! The work that you put into it shows!! I hope the sale goes well, and that you and David find a wonderful new home in Ohio!

  16. Wow, you are really moving along.I am mystified by t the process of selling a house at the same time as buying a house
    My famly has been trying convince me to move to the Navare area on the southern edge of Stark County.Not too far from Brewster.. Having lived in a larger city for 30 years ……well ,not sure,how I would adjust……I will be interested to see how your relocation goes.

  17. Hi Saloma,

    I so much appreciate living here in the Amish Community in Ethridge, TN. Definitely more slow paced. What I also notice is there are more songbirds because there are family farms.

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