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I took a break from posting these past two weekends as I was finishing up my job at Park View Mennonite Church. I decided to make the transition from having a day job to concentrating on getting my book published. I will be publishing If You Promise You Won’t Tell myself, so wish me luck.

As I am taking this break from posting pieces of my story, I will also introduce you to a story written by a friend who was in my writing group over the last two years. I will post more about her story in the coming days.

I am also working with my webmaster to revamp my website and blog. We have the problem of my readers not getting notifications when I update this blog. If you are having this issue, please resubscribe with the button on the right bottom side of my website, and you will again receive notifications. Jason and I are trying to troubleshoot the problem because I’d like to get as many of my 18,000 subscribers back as possible.

I know this post is unsatisfactory, but I wanted you all to know that I’ve not forgotten you.


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9 thoughts on “Quick Updates”

  1. I had no idea you were still posting. And here this pops into my email tonight. I just tried to subscribe again and it said invalid email.

    1. Yes, it will. I’ll add it to my purchase page, where you can buy my other two books, as long as they will last. Why I Left is out of print, and Bonnet Strings is going out of print the end of this year.

  2. Saloma, I have missed your posts and I was so glad to see the notification for this post this morning. Covid has interrupted life as we knew it in so many ways for these last 2 years. Do you still have the airB&B? Bob and I wanted to go and stay a night there but because of Covid we didn’t get to do that. Our children gave us a trip to Williamsburg for our 50th wedding anniversary (2019)and we thought we would stay with you on our way there, but we had to cancel our trip in early 2020 because they closed due to covid. We found out Bob had cancer the Monday after Christmas 2020 and he was gone the following Feb 17, 2021 just a year after our scheduled trip to Williamsburg.

    I am so looking forward to your book. I have told several people about your books and you. I assume I am still on your email list since I received a post about this blog entry. Just recently I told someone that you are writing a new book and I hoped that was still true since I had not seen anything from you in such a long time.

    I don’t drive far (I do not like to drive) and I hate the busy 3+ lanes on the interstates so I do not get to Vermont often but I went up in October 2021 for my grandson’s wedding. I did drive the interstate there from Georgia to Norwich for the rehearsal dinner at the Norwich Inn. Vermont interstates are so easy to drive compared to here in PA. I miss our Odyssey but now my son in Georgia VT has it so I drove that. Every time I go to VT I think of you.

    Thanks for the post and as soon as your book is done I will purchase it.

    1. Michele, it is SO good to see you here. I’ve been having problems with blog notifications these past months… so glad you received this one. Please check out my recent posts with parts of my next book. I don’t know why you were not getting my post notifications before, but let’s hope you will continue to get them.

      I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, Michele. That was not a long time for you to come to terms with his illness and then his death. My prayers are with you.

      We no longer have our BnB, no. As you mentioned, Covid interrupted a lot, including that. If we had a separate space, that would be different, but there are not enough degrees of separation for everyone to be safe.

      I’m with you, I don’t like to drive the big highways, either. And you’re right, the interstates in Vermont are a dream to drive… beautiful scenery, fewer trucks, and less traffic in general.

      Thank you for letting me know you are looking forward to the book. Good to know there are loyal readers out there….

      Have a wonderful week.

  3. Hello, Mrs. Furlong, I am brand new to your website as of today, after my Amazon Prime account recommended “The Amish: Shunned” to me. I found it to be a very interesting and compelling documentary, so I was searching online for any updates since 2014, and that’s when I came across your page. I’m glad to know that it is still an active blog and am looking forward to reading your work. Forgive me if you already covered this in a previous blog post, but I was so curious to know, have you ever heard from Anna again after all these years? Thank you for reading my comment.

    1. Megan, welcome! I’m glad you found my blog and books.

      I’ve lost track of Anna, I’m afraid. Last I knew, she was going from state to state, being the maiden aunt. We’ve moved to Virginia from Massachusetts, so if she did write, I may not have received her correspondence. I often wonder… is she married? If not, is she restless? And I wonder if our paths will ever cross again…

      I hope you enjoy reading, and I look forward to hearing from you again.

  4. Hello!! I was starting to worry about you, glad all is well. Im so excited for you Saloma, publishing your book is the best news I have heard in a long while. I just know it will do well. I cant wait to have a copy of it in my hands!!
    Its too bad you have lost track of Anna. I often think of her and wonder if she found her place back within the Amish way of life. I hope she is happy or at the very least, content. Take care, give my best to David. Oh, and I’m looking forward to hearing about your writer friend. Blessings!!

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