Book Cover for Liberating Lomie

I am so pleased to unveil the cover for my new book, Liberating Lomie: Memoir of an Amish Childhood. Much gratitude goes to Pam Johnson of TechPro Publications for her patience and craft as the concept for the cover kept evolving and changing. Just when I thought it was about done, but I knew something was missing, David came up with the idea of adding a butterfly to the cover. I found the butterfly image on, courtesy of Sian Cooper, and Pam extracted the butterfly from the background and perched it on my childhood name.

I’m almost done with designing the content of the book. I have assigned the ISBN number to the book, along with the barcode. Blurbs for the back of the book are coming in, and April Sachs is proofreading the book as I write this.

It won’t be long now before you will be able to order the print book or the ebook. My aim is to make it available by June 1. Stay tuned.

A word about blog email notifications. I know there is still progress to be made in delivering these to your email inboxes. I’ve moved, I’ve not been blogging regularly, and my list was not clean when I started this whole process. If you are discovering this post without an email notification and you would like to subscribe, please sign up again. If you have any trouble with that, please send me a message via my contact form on my contact page. I will ensure your name is on the list.

I’d love to know your thoughts about the cover. And I’ll be back soon with more news.

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14 thoughts on “Book Cover for Liberating Lomie”

  1. Hi Saloma,
    Always love hearing from you, and your stories.
    I bought the very first book with your childhood pic, but have not read it yet. I enjoyed the others as well, and have them on my book shelf.
    Is this new book ~ a new story, or same story and just republished?
    Hope all is well with you!
    Blessings, Carol

    1. Hello Carol. My new book is from the same time period as the first book, but with mostly new stories, or else stories that are framed in a different way than the first book. Liberating Lomie ends much like the first book, but overall it is a very different book because my perspective has changed so much since my first book. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

  2. Your new cover looks great!
    I usually get your emails, but about half the time, they are in my spam folder. I find them eventually but I wonder if there’s something I could do to keep them from going there.

    1. Thank you, Bertha. I’m glad you like the cover.

      Yes, there is something you can do to keep the emails from going to spam. You should be getting the choice, when you find them in the spam folder, to “mark as not spam.”

      You can also add my email address to your contacts in gmail, and you should get them from now on.

  3. pamela lakits

    I LOVE IT!!!!!! I cant wait until I have a copy of this new book in my hands. Im so excited for you Saloma. Congratulations!!!!!

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