Release Date for Liberating Lomie

I am pleased to announce the release date for Liberating Lomie: Memoir of an Amish Childhood. June 22, 2022. Yay, Hurray!

I plan to have books in hand to fulfill orders by the 22, and it will also be available through Amazon for retail sales, and through IngramSpark for wholesale to bookstores and libraries. You can see the listing for Liberating Lomie on my Books page.

I can also announce that the eBook is for sale now through several venues, with more on the way. Below are the ones where the book has been published. You can click on the “published” link to visit the site where my book is displayed.

Barnes & Noble – Published
Apple – Published
Kobo – Published
Tolino – Published
Vivlio – Published
BorrowBox – Published
Scribd – Published

Below are the venues that will be publishing my book soon:

Baker & Taylor

This book would not have come about without the help of many others. I would like to thank the following as I have in my acknowledgments in the book:

I thank all who helped bring this book about. Much gratitude goes to all you readers who kept reminding me that you are awaiting my next book. You are the reason this book matters. I hope these stories will connect you with your own memories.

I want to thank all my friends in Vermont who were there when I was developing my writing skills: members and teachers of my writing classes and groups, those who read drafts of my writing along the way, and other friends who supported my endeavors.

This book might never have come about without my late friend, Marie Houle. In 2016, a year before she left this world, she told me she’d read both of my published books and asked if I was writing another. When I said I wasn’t, she said, “Saloma, you have been given a gift—for writing—and you may not squander that gift!” I was moved by her reminder that I have a responsibility to accept and develop the talents I was given.

My appreciation goes to friend and coach Russ Eanes for his advice during the self-publishing process; to Pamela Johnson from TechPro Publications for designing the book cover; to Marjorie Turner Hollman for her content editing; to Frances B. King for her copyediting; and to April Sachs for proofreading.

I am grateful to Kathie Weaver Kurtz and Esther Stenson for their thoughtful critiques and moral support throughout the writing of this book, and for their ongoing support of my writing.

My deepest gratitude goes to my husband David who has read several drafts of everything I’ve written. He has a knack for coming up with good titles, which is where Liberating Lomie came from. His love and support over the years mean everything to me.

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11 thoughts on “Release Date for Liberating Lomie”

  1. Pamela Lakits

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you and pretty happy for myself because I get to read it!!! Oh Saloma, I can’t wait to buy a copy and hold it on my hands. Your friend was a wise woman, you do have a very special God-given talent. I’m so glad you listened to her. I know it’s been a long and I’m sure often frustrating journey, but look what you have accomplished!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!!

    1. Pamela, you were right behind Marie in letting me know that I needed to be writing this book. Thank you for that!

      Yes, it has been a long journey, with struggles along the way, but it’s also been a rewarding one.

      I’m also waiting to hold the book in my hands. It is so different than reading it on screen. It will be an awesome moment when the book is finally “born.”

    1. Betty, it’s so good to see you here! I just now discovered your comment in the folder awaiting approval. Normally I get an email notification. Sorry for the delay in responding.

      I always remember how you and I were fellow “first-timers” at our first singing on Burton-Windsor Road on that long-ago summer evening. My guess is that you are a reader who will be able to relate to this book in a way that will take you down Memory Lane.

      The book is now available as per my latest post. Still time to get in on the offer for a free copy of “Bonnet Strings.”

      Take care, my friend.

  2. Denise Ann Shea

    How exciting! I read the various chapters you posted and can’t wait to get the book. You are a true storyteller and it’s a blessing for you to share your stories with others.

    1. Hello Denise. Same as above… I just now discovered your comment awaiting approval. Not sure why since you’ve commented before. Perhaps it’s the new system.

      Thank you for your kind remarks. Telling stories brings me great pleasure, and in extra measure when someone wants to hear (or read) the stories I tell.

      The early chapters have changed some since I’ve posted them, but you will certainly recognize them.

      Blessings to you, Denise. As I mentioned above, the book is available for pre-order, and the offer for a free copy of “Bonnet Strings” is still open to several more readers.

  3. Congratulations on your latest book. I read your first two books and look forward to getting the new one too. Thank you for sharing more of your life with all of your readers. I did find your emails in my spam and did the not spam click. Look forward to finding you in my email.

    1. Dear Dynna,

      I just received your order… Thank You! I sent you an email.

      I hope clicking the “not spam” works. I’m finding my own is still going to spam after doing that multiple times. I hope you received the email I just sent you. If not, please check your spam folder again.

      Many thanks, Dynna. Your order made my day!

  4. Just saw this post about your newly published book! Congratulations on getting to this goal post.

    Somehow I am not getting email notices about your latest posts. Is there something I should be changing?

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