Little House on the Farm

An Anabaptist Hideout

When I planned my trip to Switzerland, I was hoping to visit places important to Anabaptist history. In that, I have been quite successful — I’ve visited the Trachsalwald Castle, and the famous “Täuferversteck” (Anabaptist Hideout) in a barn above the town of Trub, known as the Fankhauser barn. I have also visited the first existing Mennonite church, which is …

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Life in the Emmental Valley

Being in The Emmental Valley, sitting inside an open window breathing in the fresh mountain air and hearing the birds singing in the pines while Miriam, Hadassah, and Baby Michael David are sleeping is like waking up from a beautiful dream to find out it’s real. I feel truly blessed to be here at  the “Little House on the Farm.” …

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