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I am discovering there are quite a few blogs and websites about Amish. I will list the ones I know about. 

The Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies has an Amish Studies website with a newly updated statistics page. The surprise in it is that Lancaster, Pennsylvania has surpassed Holmes County, Ohio in Amish population.

Author of Success Made Simple, Erik Wesner, is the host of Amish America.

The host of A Joyful Chaos writes many good stories of growing up Amish. Her posts about Baptism and Ordungs Church are a phenomenal in their accurate and detailed portrayal of what it is like for a young person to "join the church" among the Amish.

Katie Troyer hosts My Pinecraft World, with many pictures of Amish who vacation in her area of Florida. I could not figure out the Amish in Florida being so liberal until I read her post Double Standards.

Ira Wagler hosts Ira's Writings. He wrote a post about rumspringa that is very accurate.

A different Saloma hosts Ramblings of the Former Amish. Really, what are the chances of two Saloma's, former Amish each hosting a blog… but there you have it.


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