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Smitten By a Country Maiden

It is no secret that my husband, David, and I are collaborating on a sequel to Why I Left the Amish. For the next several days, we will be posting excerpts of how we met at the YWCA in Burlington, Vermont. I was a new resident there after leaving the Amish, and David was playing the rescuer to Janis, a new arrival at the Y, several weeks after I had arrived.The first scene is written by David. I had changed my name to Linda when I left the Amish.
I was drawn back to the YWCA with the intent to check on Janis. It was about three weeks since I had moved her to the Y. As before, I knocked on the side door of the grand old porch and Maureen opened the door and invited me in.“I don’t think Janis is in her room but you can check.” Maureen said.
“Thanks I will.” I replied. She gave me that unique Maureen half-smile.
When I walked through the kitchen, I noticed two women were in there cooking something up. It was some time in the afternoon on a Wednesday so Janis could be anywhere. I was getting the impression that Janis was prone to roaming aimlessly about town. I could never figure out what she was doing. When ever I would ask her, she would reply, “Oh just hanging out.” Then she would give me a sheepish smile without making eye contact.
I did not find Janis in her room.

Just hanging out I figured. That’s okay because this gives me a chance to meet some of these nice ladies here at the Y. I could tell they were watching every move Janis and I made. They were curious as cats.

I walked out of Janis’s tiny room (formally the Amish girl’s room) and continued into the kitchen. Maureen was washing dishes and another pleasant-looking woman was preparing something mysterious on the stove.

“I guess Janis is not here.” I said “At least not in her room.”

I lingered.

The two ladies looked up from their tasks.

Maureen smiled with her perfect auburn hair and a mouth full of braces. I was startled by the braces but put at ease by her willingness to show her vulnerability. That was why she always had that half smile, not willing to show the braces. Maureen’s full smile was charming and honest.

“I thought she was gone!” She declared still smiling. “Have you met Linda?” Maureen asked the way an older sister might push a favorite brother toward a deserving friend.

The woman standing next to her had a charming and compelling face that immediately drew my attention.
No push needed!

“No I haven’t – my name is David, nice to meet you,” I said reaching for her hand. I was suddenly aware I was in the presence of the Amish girl Janis spoke of with wonder.

Linda had a milky white complexion and dark brown eyes that seemed to celebrate everything they saw. She struck me as a natural beauty with plump rosy lips and a compelling smile. Her nose had a distinctive prominence that ended in a delicate pug that was so cute.

“My name is Linda.” she said with a calm even voice. She held out her hand to shake mine. She had hands the size of mine and a restrained, tentative grip.

“I think Janis has gone to town to buy some health food” Linda said looking me over.” 

Her perfectly placed eyes were alive behind large brown glasses set on her high lovely cheekbones. She was shapely in all the right places and as sturdy as a country maiden.

"Do you know when she might be back” I asked? Not caring a bit about Janis’s whereabouts because my attention had abruptly shifted by the allure of this beauty.
“Maybe the Co-op,” she answered.

“Maybe,” I said.

To be continued…

The Country Maiden


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