The Little Village Giveaway

This giveaway is designed for people who have read my book. The winner will be able to choose three buildings for their own little village from those pictured below. These were handcrafted by my husband, David. To view a bigger image, click on the picture.

From left to right: Large church, barn, covered bridge, colonial house, town house, cape, schoolhouse, and small church
Here is how you can enter the drawing: After reading my book, write a review of it, and post it on your website or blog, GoodReads, Amazon, or any other venue, then leave a comment on this post, letting me know where you have posted it. I will enter your name as many times as you post a review… in other words, you can post the review on your blog, GoodReads, and Amazon, and I will enter your name three times.

For those of you who have already reviewed my book and are interested in entering the drawing, please leave a comment on this post to let me know you want to be included. 

I will have someone do a drawing at my book talk at the Odyssey Bookshop on March 25. That means you still have time to read the book and write reviews.

Happy reviewing!

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9 thoughts on “The Little Village Giveaway”

  1. Is David ever talented! The village is beautiful, and I’m excited to be included for the giveaway. I would definitely choose the barn, but I’m not sure which other pieces I would choose because they are all so precious. In addition to the review on my blog, there is also one on Amazon.

    Hope you are staying warm up there this winter, and that all is on schedule on the home front. :-)

  2. I loved the book. It was very easy to read. I couldn’t put it down. I found it very harrowing at points. I appreciated the way Saloma explained why her father acted the way he did.
    However, I found myself becoming angry with her domineering grandmother and her ambivelent mother. I can now completely understand the difficulties faced by victims of domestic abuse in closed communities

  3. I haven’t reviewed the book but just wanted to let you know that I think those little buildings are absolutely adorable? Would your husband consider making them to sell?

  4. Those buildings look very lovely! If I should happen to be chosen the lucky winner I would like for you to choose the three buildings to send. It would make them a little extra special. :)

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