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An article about Katie Troyer appeared in the The Herald Tribune called "Turning a Camera Lens on Amish Life in Sarasota" today.  The author of this article captured Katie well. I especially like the comment about the pixie dust. Katie lends a perspective that no one else has. She is an observant adult, at the eye-level of a young child. She has talent with a camera. And with words. In just a few words, she usually gets at the essence of whatever she is talking about.

I introduced Katie on this blog back in April after I met her in person. She has a blog herself, called Pinecraft-Sarasota. I have a permanent link to her blog on the right of this page.

One thing that I would like to clarify about Katie taking photos of the Amish in Sarasota. This is not considered disrespectful in Florida. Quite the contrary. Amish people often request photos from her.

The Amish rules all change in Sarasota, Florida. They watch television and movies. They wear clothes they don't normally at home, including the women wearing swim suits at the beach. And they go places that would be off limits back home.

Katie once asked a bishop, "How is it that you come to Sarasota and do things that you don't allow back in your community?" He answered by saying, "What happens in Sarasota, stays in Sarasota."

So Katie taking photos of the Amish fits right in. She has become an icon in Sarasota.

Katie was interviewed for the PBS documentary The Amish: Shunned that aired on American Experience in February this year. They could not fit her segment into the actual film, but you can see her two videos by following the link above. And I'm including them here as well.

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