What Would You Like to Know about Amish?

The man who claims to be the boss in his own home will lie about other things as well. ~ Amish Proverb

I found this quote on line and it made me chuckle. It sure sounds authentically Amish, so if someone made it up, that person sure knows the Amish (male) mindset well. It also shows the Amish sense of humor — very close to everyday life situations. The Amish know how to laugh at themselves. Sometimes it can be self-depreciating, while degrading to some else as in a comment like, “He is not as smart as I should be.” And at still other times, I find no humor in some of the “jokes” when they are designed to hurt, or “take someone down a notch.” Like so many of the aspects of Amish life, their humor can be as painful as it can be pleasurable.

What questions do you have about Amish life or what it’s like being part of an Amish community? You may ask anything you like, and I will be happy to answer it. My next post (or posts) will be dedicated to answering your questions.

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2 thoughts on “What Would You Like to Know about Amish?”

  1. Hello! I just have a few random questions I would like to ask you.

    What do Amish women talk about? In our culture we usually discuss “modern” or “worldly” things so what would some general topics of conversation be in Amish culture?

    What makes Amish children act so well-behaved?

    What do you miss about the Amish life?

    Who do you think would have a harder time joining an Amish community an “English” woman or man?

    Are Amish dresses uncomfortable?

    What were your Amish teen years like?

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