New Front Door… and More

David and I spent untold hours with all the details… David had to build out all the trim because of the extra insulation and he stripped the lead paint from the frame. The little panels on both sides of the door are now filled with insulation, the door has a double pane, and David installed weather stripping. This makes the whole entrance more energy efficient. I just finished painting the details today. And note that the siding is done around the door, too. Progress is being made. Someday soon maybe the whole outside of the house will look this good. 

Below is a picture taken with David’s work in progress when he was stripping the lead paint.

Soon what it looked like before will be but a distant memory…

To me this door looks more original to the house…

… than the door we had. 
Perhaps you can tell that I am happy with my new front door and the progress being made on the house. Next we will build/restore the window trim in the living room. We will keep what was there, but more has to be added because of the extra insulation on the outside of the house. The original trim is chestnut, but we are using oak to fill in. I will stain it to be the same color as the original trim, like I did on the door.

The roof will be finished this week… what a wonderful feeling that will be!
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6 thoughts on “New Front Door… and More”

  1. It looks wonderful! My husband and I did lots of projects on our last house and a huge sense of pride in our work. Our current house is pretty new, so it doesn’t have many projects for us to do, yet.

    I hope your roof gets finished next week. :D

  2. I’d be happy with it too, it’s wonderful. David did a great job on it. I can commiserate on having something done on your house, one of the thousands of jobs, and wish that everything looked that good. This past summer I thought, people must think we’re crazy when they drive by- we have a brand new fence, a healthy garden, and a house without siding! :-)

    By the way, you could have fooled me about not relaxing in front of the camera. Your pictures are beautiful. ~Monica

  3. Nice job! What a contrast as you look through the pictures. You are right… the new door definitely looks more ‘original’ than the original. It is similar to our front door but ours needs some work …. sigh…. not this year, though.

  4. Saloma, you certainly do have an eye for photography. Take a moment to revisit your first shot and notice the reflections in the glass. The bare tree branches combine nicely with the breaks in the clouds which reveal a brilliant blue sky beyond point to the hope of spring renewal. Sweet!

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