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Amish and the Color Blue, Superstitions, and Celery at Weddings

Anonymous wrote:

Yes! I would love to have been born Amish. In fact, I think I might have been in a past life.

When I was 18 yrs.old, I workrd at a daycare center a little boy was drawing a picture of an old man with a beard and a hat. I asked him to tell me about his drawing, he said it was of some people called the Amish, he saw them in PA where his grammy lived. I had never heard of the Amish before!
After the center closed, I went straight to the library as fast as I could- checked out every book they had on the Amish and been hooked ever since. I am now 45 yrs. old!
Questions – Why do most Amish favor the color blue?
What are some Amish superstitions?
Why so much celery at weddings?
Does food taste better on a wood stove or an electric one? I bet its really tricky to cook on a wood stove.
I could go on…. this is so exciting!
Thank you!

Anon, I had to chuckle about your feeling that you were Amish in a past life, because as an Amish person I never even knew about the concept of reincarnation. I don’t think most Amish do…  But I do know the feeling that deep down in your soul, you’ve known something before you were conscious in this life. It’s fascinating to me that some of us are born into such a different family/culture/setting than what we would have consciously chosen. It’s probably about as hard, if not harder to become Amish as it is to leave the Amish. 

I cannot answer your questions for all Amish, so I will answer them from my own “Amish” perspective.

I favored the color blue when I was Amish because it came in so many different shades and it was the brightest color I was allowed to wear… in my community we were not allowed to wear purple, which is now my favorite color. I especially loved bright royal blue and turquoise when I was Amish. I never longed to wear makeup (and still don’t wear it), but I sure would have liked to wear bright colors. 

Some of the superstitions in my family were:

  • If you find a four-leafed clover, it is a sign of good luck.
  • If you break a mirror, you will have bad luck for seven years.
  • Friday the 13th. was a day of bad luck. 
  • Do not hold an umbrella (especially a black one) over your head inside the house. 
  • If you drop a sharp knife or scissors and it sticks into the floor by the sharp end, it is a sign someone is going to die soon.
  • A bird inside the house is also a message someone is going to die soon.
  • Thunder over an open woods (before the trees have their leaves in the spring) is a bad sign (this was never spelled out).

Interesting about celery at weddings… I never knew some Amish eat celery at weddings until after I left the Amish. I think that is more of a Lancaster tradition, because none of the Amish I knew did that. In my home community, it certainly was never done. Given so many Amish (my family and myself included) hate the sound of someone crunching, I would think that would be quite annoying. So this question I cannot answer.

It is rather hard to compare the taste of food cooked on a wood stove versus an electric one, considering I never had the two at the same time. I don’t think it changes the taste of the food, but certainly the electric stove is more convenient. 

Thank you for your questions. 


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