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I thought I would get a chance to do another blog posting before now, but life is full for us at the moment. On Saturday, I spoke at the Greenfield Public Library, which was a fun group. People asked very good questions, which is fast becoming my favorite part of my talks. People are curious about many aspects of Amish life.
I talked at Mendham Books in Mendham, New Jersey on Sunday. What a nice independent bookstore that is! If you live near Mendham, and you haven't been there, I recommend you stop in and browse for your favorite books. Russ, the staff person there on Sunday, is very friendly and helpful. The owner, Tom Williams is also very cordial. I've talked with him on the phone several times.
I got to meet Lynn Kimmerle, who wrote the first review for Why I Left the Amish and her husband, George. In fact, David and I had the pleasure of staying with them in their home. She did a blog posting about my talk at Mendham Books, which you can see here.
David and I also enjoyed the warm hospitality of John and Pat Anderson. You can read about their significant role in my life here. They were another set of angels along my way.
Tomorrow I will be a speaker at an event called Memoirs: Finding One's Path in the Virginia Festival of the Book in Charlottesville, Virginia. This event will take place at the Central JMRL Library.
Despite all this excitement around my book, I hope to continue with answering the questions that many of you posed a while ago… Deanna, your questions are up next.
I'll be back soon!



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