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Deanna wrote: I have so many questions. But I’ll ask two. I didn’t read the other questions (I’m in a bit of a hurry here) so I hope I don’t duplicate. 

How often do the Amish bathe? I would think that with no electricity, it would be difficult to have enough hot water to make it very easy to bathe often.

Do most Amish have running water inside?

How do they deal with the issue of practically everyone being related?

I think being born Amish would have been nice in some respects, but looking at the big picture the answer would have to be a resoundiing no. The big reason would be that I could not obey without question. It would not be possible. Over the years, I’ve reflected on the things that I admire about the Amish and, frankly, there is no reason that I can’t implement much of the simplicity and beliefs into my own life.

I’d write more, but I have to get. Very thought provoking questions! 

Deanna, talking about thought-provoking questions: yours are very much so. 

The question of whether most Amish having running water inside their homes, the answer is simply I don’t know. Most of the Amish in my home community do, as do most of the Amish I know. However, there are many stricter communities that still do not allow that, and I honestly do not know what the ratio is of Amish who allow it/have it and those who don’t. 

When I was growing up, we bathed once a week, on Saturday nights. As we girls got older, we bathed more often, but that is when the “official” bathing happened. I actually have fond memories of the Saturday bathing and braiding time when I was very young, which I have described in an earlier post. To read this, you can click here.

I appreciate my indoor plumbing more than anything else that I did not have in my past. I find it such a luxury to have warm water spray out of my shower wall every morning and to have a toilet that flushes. Sometimes there really is progress.

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