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On our Midwest trip, David and I traveled from Indiana to Wisconsin right through Chicago. There is something about traveling through big cities that make me nervous, but I am fortunate to have David for a traveling partner, for he doesn't mind doing the hard driving. I took some shots from the car window as we were stopped in traffic in Chicago. Here is one of them.

Several hours later, we got off Interstate 90 and drove south to Cashton, Wisconsin. I know some of the Amish there — in fact, I am probably related to more people there than I know. I'd visited this community as an Amish person twice. It was very different this time, especially because I was taking pictures of the countryside. Taking pictures is such a symbol of looking in from outside, and that is clearly what I was doing this time. Nonetheless, I was reminded of how beautiful the countryside is there. It's also very rural — remote even — and I am a people person, so I would not want to live there, especially in winter. I know their winters are pretty brutal. 
Without further ado, here are some shots of the countryside and homesteads. Enjoy.
Photo 1
 Photo 2 
Photo 3
 Photo 4
 Photo 5
 Photo 6
 Photo 7
 Photo 8
 Photo 9
Photo 10
As you can see, we were taking these photos in the late afternoon light. By the time we got to LaCrosse, where we crossed over the Mississippi River into Minnesota, it was twilight — too late to see the much or to take photos. I saw enough of it to know it has to be breathtakingly beautiful. I hope I get back there someday and get to see it during the day. This was the first time I crossed the Mississippi, other than flying over it. Pretty exciting!
I have three questions for you:
1. Do you have a favorite of these photos?
2. Do these images make you want to travel to see this area in Wisconsin?
3. One of these homesteads is where my uncle and aunt live and where fifteen of my first cousins lived until they got married. Do you want to take a wild guess which homestead is theirs?
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12 thoughts on “Chicago and Views from Cashton, Wisconsin”

  1. 1) 4 is my favorite

    2) I have actually visited Wisconsin. I have family in Wapaca. Growing up in Maine, I found that Wisconsin had many similarities. Rolling hills, lots of old farm homes.

    3) 7

  2. Looking thru the pics, I would choose
    #7 as a favorite since I love barns and silos, but I also love to see shocks out in the field, perhaps due to my dear father making them on his small farm. He came from a Mennonite background and I love reading from people such as you, as I learn many Amish customs that were incorporated into our daily living, and now I can see “why!”

  3. Thanks all, for your votes, guesses, and comments. Interesting that there were only two overlaps for favorites — 4 and 8 got two votes.

    Photo 9 is actually of my aunt and uncle’s farm.

    Yes, Carolien, those are corn shocks, which I had never seen before. I wonder why they make them that way? I love the moon in the photo, too.

    Anon, glad these writings afford insight into your own heritage. I’m always amazed at how many people are from Plain backgrounds. We all have something in common, don’t we?

  4. I happened across your site looking for some general information about Wisconsin Amish. I lived in the Cashton area in the late 50’s through the mid 60’s. I have relatives who reside there still. We lived out in the country. My uncle took over our place in the mid 60’s…a place on hwy 33. Lots of Amish live in this area. A long time ago, I remember visiting one family of a young Amish man who left the community. I didn’t know much about them and they seemed very foreign to me. They were quiet and extremely reserved. I understand now why. I would like to learn more about these people who inhabit the land where I once use to live with my Dad…now deceased.

    I like photo #1 because it looks like a journey, either into, or away from this community. The sky is blue, the land welcoming… I am hoping these people will accept my innocent questioning, and my journey ‘into’ understanding their way of life. I loved living in this area – it is one of my favorite life’s memories.

  5. beautiful. I couldn’t pick one favorite but narrowed it down to #1 and #4. And I thought your last question might’ve been a trick one – like they actually had the smallest house. LOL

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