Announcements: Radio Interview and a Craft Show

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be on the radio. The first time I was interviewed was with Daria Fisk on a local radio station here in the Pioneer Valley soon after we moved here in 2008. Since then I’ve had about half a dozen interviews.

I had one with Clarice Drew on November 3 for one-half hour. We both agreed that that half hour went by very quickly. So she had me on this week on her show, “Just a Few with Clarice Drew.” I have had the opportunity to talk with her both on and off the air, and she is a really dear person — warm-hearted, sensitive, insightful, and a very skilled interviewer.

So, should you care to, give a listen to the podcast of my interviews with Clarice Drew on “Just a Few.” (How’s that for a triple rhyme?) You can listen to the one of November 2, (about two-thirds of the way through the podcast is my interview) or the one of November 16.

David is doing a craft show in Westport, Connecticut this weekend, which I will be helping him with. He has been so supportive of my book talks. This finally gives me a chance to return the favor and support him in his endeavor. He has been a busy artist these past few weeks. If you happen to be near Westport, Connecticut this weekend, please stop by and see us. And if not, you can always visit David’s blog.

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope to be back in touch by early next week.

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