Silent Night…

Warm wishes for a Joyful Christmas from my home to yours. Here are a few images of our Christmas this year. Don’t you love our scraggly little tree? I’m not actually sure how that made it home with us, but here it is!

David made this beautiful cherry shelf for spices for our kitchen. What a gift!

I hope your Christmas is filled with peace, love, warmth, light, and good cheer. And joy to the world!

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5 thoughts on “Silent Night…”

  1. Hello Saloma,

    I wish you all a very merry and peaceful Christmas! Your home looks cosy and that shelf is beautiful, what a special gift indeed!

    Dutch greetings, Carolien

  2. Your home is lovely and warm in its simplicity. We’ve had trees like that one, some worse – I always dub those kind “Charlie Brown Trees”. We always opt for the real trees and they are all perfect to me, no matter how they look!

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