Excerpt of Success Made Simple and Winner Announced

I thought I would share an excerpt of Erik Wesner’s book, Success Made Simple.

Well-defined goals and a meaningful, ingrained business vision are an essential part of running a prospering company. Pessimists, setbacks, and subpar early results all serve to discourage beginning businesspeople, and sometimes even prove fatal. A deeply rooted vision assists owners at all stages of their business lives, acting as an engine to power the individual through obstacles and on to achievement.

In many cases, the vision comes before specifics have been hammered out. “I was just about sure somebody could make it work…. How it was all gonna work out, I wasn’t sure, all the details,” one Amishman explains. But he had a good enough idea of what the final result should look like in terms of business and the way his or his family’s life fit into it.

Today his firm is a success, and you can read the satisfaction on his face; he takes pride in providing service and employing a healthy handful in his community.

Your vision depends on you and reflects your personal drives, desires, and values. And you don’t necessarily need a grandiose world-altering goal or chorus of angels or trumpets to know a vision has arrived.

I’d like to thank Erik Wesner for offering a giveaway of his book, and thanks to all of you who participated in this giveaway. And the lucky winner is:

Sprouting Acorn!

Congratulations, Sprouting Acorn! If you’ll send me your address (salomafurlong at gmail dot com), I’ll be happy to send that to Erik.

For those who would like to buy this book, you can do so. Erik is a fan of Amazon, where you can buy it, as well as in boxstores in Amish areas.

And be sure to visit Erik’s blog, Amish America, for he regularly posts a variety of engaging and interesting topics about Amish culture. 

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