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I am so excited about MY NEW WEBSITE. Please hop on over and have a look. I would love to know what you think, including what improvements we can make.The reason for the revamp is that I was having trouble with iWeb, which is the program I was using before. My techie friend, Jason Woof, and I took a look at it together. In less than an hour we figured out that it wasn’t worth our time to work with iWeb. Apple no longer sells iWeb, and I would have had to pay to have them support it, so we decided to put our time and effort into creating a new website, using Jason’s CMS system. I am so glad we did… this one looks and feels so much more professional than the other one.

Jason has been hosting my website for two years. He is a techie and I’m not; we are different genders, and I am a generation older than he is, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that he and I had similar tastes in design. He was great to work with and between the two of us, we got it up and running in a few days. Take a look at Jason’s website, too. I highly recommend his services.Other than that, I finished my rug project today. This rug is a wedding gift for our son Paul’s best friend, Ben and his bride, Richa. They have been best buddies since kindergarten. Here is what the rug looks like:

David made them a recipe box and Paul copied down a whole bunch of my recipes. Here is what it looks like:

And just for fun, I took some photos of our roses and clematis. The rose bush we transplanted. The woman who lived here last loved roses and quite a few planted. This one has been doing well.

The clematis is a plant David and I bought and planted three years ago as an anniversary gift to one another. It puts a smile on my face to see it bloom so enthusiastically.

I hope you are all enjoying late Spring and early Summer. I like this time of year. How about you?

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9 thoughts on “A New Website!”

  1. I love the rug and recipe box! Does David sell them? Great workmanship on the rug! How long did it take u to make?

    I clicked on the link to your website and it didn’t work:(

  2. The rug and recipe box are beautiful, I’m sure that Ben and Richa will treasure them. I like your new website, it looks simple enough to follow (even for tech dummies like me). Your flowers are lovely, glad your home to enjoy them. Vicki

  3. Plaingirl, thanks for your compliments. David has never sold the recipe boxes, but he probably will. This was his first one. Sorry the link didn’t work for you. Try typing salomafurlong.com into your address bar.

    Vicki, thanks for perusing the website. Simple is my liking, too.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  4. Nice website! Very easy to get around and not cluttered. The old one was also nice, but this will be easier to maintain.

    Beautiful rug, great pics of your flowers on your blog; nice gift to each other! Cute recipe box … which reminded me of your recipes. I MUST try that Oatmeal Bread!!!! I have been saying it for awhile now…

  5. Your new web site is great & the link in your first paragraph above worked for me. It’s attractive and easy to use – I’ll definitely be trying your recipes!

    The recipe box is a keeper! How lucky your sons’ friends are to have you, also, in their lives.Your gifts are worth so much more, being handmade and carefully thought-out, than something just snatched off a shelf and scratched off a list…

    Wow, looking at your list of talks, you are keeping quite busy. Keep up the good work – I so enjoy seeing/listening to your interviews. Maybe one day you will make it here to the west coast?

  6. Ladybug, you must be psychic or something. I just, this moment, was looking at maps and train and all that to plan a trip to the West Coast! How do you like that? Now if I can find venues for book talks, I’ll be all set.

    Thanks for the compliments on the gifts. It was really hard to know what to give these two young people for a gift until we hit on the idea of making these things.

    Thank you for stopping by…


  7. Your new website looks fresh and professional–very nice. It’s easy to navigate and I also found the link in your blog worked.

    What wonderful wedding gifts! Handmade gifts are so wonderful and whenever possible I try to do handmade gifts. The recipe box David made needs to go into circulation!

    Thanks for sharing pictures of your flowers, too.

  8. suzanna murphy

    Saloma – I just found your blog here and it is ever so refreshing and I am enjoying it somuch. I just finished signing up for the Amish Non-Fiction group you have on Amish Living and hope to hear back from that. I have recently finished my second book (self published only) called Amish in My Heart. I was cared for by an Old Order Amish Family in Lancaster when my mother was very ill with thyroid cancer and then with schizophrenia. I now live in Sharon, Pennsylvania. Hope to get to know you better through Amish Living. Also I have a friend, Mary Ann who has left the Amish and is going through all the trials associated with that, including separation from her husband and being shunned… there is much we could talk about you and I…I am Mennonite now, by the way. Your future friend… Suzanna Murphy

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