Announcing the Winner and Updates

I would like to thank all of you who participated in the informal survey about maintaining a blog and Facebook account. Not only did you cast your vote, but most of you also gave reasons why you were voting the way you did. Many thanks — that was very helpful information.


If I do need to cut back at some point, I know that the blog voters would have it. However, I also heard good reasons to stay on Facebook, so at least for now, I am going to stay with both. I have created a Facebook Author Page, and that is where I will spend most of my Facebook time and efforts. I will be including links there to any new articles, reviews, and other media coverage on my book and on the film "The Amish: Shunned." I will also announce upcoming appearances. I invite you to visit my Author Page and I hope you will "like" it. Then you will get all the latest news in your feed.


So without further ado, I am announcing the winner for the giveaway of Bonnet Strings. The winner is:




Congratulations, Sharon! If you send me your mailing address, I will be happy to send you a signed copy of Bonnet Strings: An Amish Woman's Ties to Two Worlds. My email address is saloma [at] salomafurlong [dot] com.


I would also like to announce that I am moving my blog in the next week or two. I decided if I am going to stay with it, I will make a new commitment to it. I am integrating it into my website, so all my information is in one place. It will have a whole new look. This blog will still exist for a while, but only as an archive of what I have posted so far. All the new posts will be on the new blog.


And finally, I have several new links to share.


My book and the documentary "The Amish: Shunned" that will premiere on American Experience were the subject of an article in the Mennonite World View.  This is the first review of Bonnet Strings.


Today there was an article in the Springfield Republican about Bonnet Strings and The Amish: Shunned.  You can read that here on MassLive.


And I was also interviewed on "Connecting Point" with Aliz Koletas at WGBY in Springfield. You can see that interview here:


Please stay tuned for more updates. There are bound to be more interviews and other news in the upcoming days.


Many thanks to all of you for being such loyal readers.

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